Avon, Dorset award £227m infrastructure mandates to IFM Investors

first_imgAvon Pension Fund and Dorset County Pension Funds have awarded infrastructure mandates of £187m (€234m) and £40m, respectively, to IFM Investors, after breaking new ground by sharing their procurement costs three ways.It was the first time either UK local authority pension fund invested in infrastructure, and showed that the asset class is becoming more appealing to schemes as they look for sources of uncorrelated returns to match liabilities, IFM Investors said.Matt Betts, assistant investments manager at Avon Pension Fund, said: “We wanted to diversify our assets, and looked to infrastructure due to its inflation-linked, cash-generating and liability-matching qualities.”IFM Investors’ portfolio and open-ended investment structure – which allows allocations to be made for the long term – were very attractive to the pension fund, he said. “We decided to make a new allocation to infrastructure following a review of our investment strategy in 2013,” Betts said.IFM Investors – which is owned by 30 non-profit pension funds – said the Avon Pension Fund allocation to infrastructure was particularly big and far surpassed the average amount being invested by UK local authorities in the asset class to date.The pension funds were advised by JLT Employee Benefits, which brought three local authority pension fund clients – Avon, Dorset and the City and County of Swansea Pension Fund – together in a joint procurement process in order to save costs.John Finch, head of LGPS (Local Government Pension Scheme) at JLT Employee Benefits, said this collaborative search process had enabled the three funds involved to make significant savings, but still allowed them to make independent decisions on their choice of manager.All three pension funds had been looking to appoint managers for infrastructure, he told IPE.Finch said that, to his knowledge, this was the first time such a collaborative search process had been done.“We did one search for the three of them and split the cost between the three of them,” he said.“It meets what the government had been requiring local government pension schemes to do, in collaborating to save costs.”The Dorset County Pension Fund is believed to have appointed Hermes as a second infrastructure manager, though neither party was immediately available to confirm this.The City and County of Swansea Pension Fund was also unavailable to comment on the status of its search for infrastructure investment managers.Finch said his company would be advising on a second round of procurement for infrastructure investment management on behalf of local government pension funds next year.According to IFM Investors, the Avon fund has £3.58bn in assets and the Dorset fund has £2.2bn.last_img read more

UK pension schemes ‘over-dependent’ on equity performance, says WTW

first_imgKatie Sims, head of multi-asset growth solutions at WTW, said: “Underfunded DB schemes are effectively counting on a once-a-century equity performance if they’re to wipe out deficits this decade. Simply putting all your eggs in one basket and hoping for unlikely events will not be enough to solve the funding gap.”The required rates of return for equities are almost three times the historic equivalent. UK equities have averaged just 3.1% p.a. above cash rates since comparable records started in 1704. Throughout that time, UK equities have only matched the required 9% annual rate of return over cash in 1-in-20 previous ‘rolling decades’, WTW’s research showed.“Pension schemes need to look outside of listed equities and adopt the mindset of an endowment investor, embracing a broad range of assets including private markets, to improve their return profile,” Sims added.“While caution is partly understandable, year by year this problem gets worse as returns will on average disappoint. Allocations that have such a low chance of delivering the right outcomes might also be seen as a form of denial. Trustees need to reimagine allocations,” she said.She called for pension schemes and other institutional investors to “massively rethink how they anticipate creating the necessary long-term wealth to fund their future obligations”.She noted that listed equity certainly has a place in a pension fund’s investment mix, but asset owners need to think beyond traditional allocations in order to meet the returns they need.The analysis assumes fixed income and liability returns are in line with the UK nominal yield curve at 31 July 2020 and that schemes are fully hedging their liabilities.To read the digital edition of IPE’s latest magazine click here. Underfunded defined benefit (DB) pension schemes in the UK are over-dependent on historically improbable equity returns, if they are to avoid carrying over funding gaps into the 2030s, according to analysis by Willis Towers Watson (WTW).Given current funding levels, and typical asset allocations for UK pension funds, WTW research shows that the average underfunded UK DB scheme requires their equity portfolio to return 9% above cash rates on an annual basis for the whole of the next decade, or significant deficits will continue into the 2030s.Comparing this requirement with historic returns from equities reveals how unlikely current allocations are to lead to full funding before the next decade, it said.The analysis is based on the PPF7800 index funding ratios of underfunded UK DB pension schemes as at 31 July 2020. The funding ratio is adjusted for and assumes that pension funds are targeting full funding on a gilts flat liability basis (a proxy for targeting buyout).last_img read more

Love Island at 5pm is ‘pornification of our culture’, says Family First

first_imgStuff co.nz 5 June 2019Family First Comment: “It’s being led by broadcasters, with the watchdog asleep at the wheel,” he said. “It promotes voyeurism, a porn culture, sexualisation.” ​McCoskrie said it was “absolutely inevitable” that children will watch Love Island at 5pm. “A lot of families won’t quite realise just what the content is,” Concerned parents, however, would do well to heed McCoskrie’s advice: “Keep that remote control very handy and be prepared to use the on-off switch very liberally.”The UK reality series Love Island kicks off Wednesday night – or shall we say afternoon – on Three, with a new crop of hopeful singles heading to the villa in the hopes of finding love… or something.This season, like those before it, will feature an initial 12 contestants, typically clad in little more than their swimming costumes, constantly coupling and re-coupling in the hopes of avoiding a vote off by the public and walking away with a cash prize of nearly $200,000.They’ll do it at 5pm, every night of the week.And Bob McCoskrie, national director of conservative lobby group Family First, isn’t happy about it.“This is a programme with explicit sexual content and also explicit language,” he told Stuff.“I also have had concern expressed around body image and the messages it’s sending to young people, and especially young girls,” he said, also pointing to the fact that two UK contestants have committed suicide after appearing on the Love Island – something that broadcaster ITV has said it is addressing in forthcoming seasons.In the UK, McCoskrie pointed out, Love Island airs at 9pm, the hour that marks the watershed after which adult content can be shown.In New Zealand, the watershed is at 8:30pm, with a G-only timeslot between 4 and 7pm.And Andrew Szusterman, chief content officer at Three’s parent company, Mediaworks, is reassuring viewers that the Love Island aired at 5pm will indeed be family friendly.He told Stuff that the company would review and, if necessary, cut episodes of Love Island to make them appropriate for 5pm audiences.“Clearly it will not have explicit content nor drunkenness nor near nudity,” he said. “All episodes aired at 5pm will be compliant with Broadcasting Standards and hence suitable for that slot.”Uncut episodes would be made available on Three’s on demand service, ThreeNow.“We believe that the subject matter being covered off is in line with content being aired on competing networks at the same time,” Szusterman added.At 5pm, Love Island will be up against game show The Chase on TVNZ 1 and reruns of animated sitcom The Simpsons, followed by Home and Away, on TVNZ 2.Szusterman said that “regardless of where and when content is consumed, and like all other content that exists whether that be online or on linear, it is up to individual households to decide whether it is appropriate viewing for them”.But that’s not enough for McCoskrie, who thinks that the Broadcasting Standards Authority (BSA) should take a greater role in policing what goes out over New Zealand’s airwaves.“Broadcasting standards have plummeted and I point the finger directly at the BSA for not doing their job,” he says.Currently, the BSA has no power to determine when a programme should air or what classification it should hold – these decisions are entirely at the broadcaster’s discretion.The Crown entity only steps in at the point at which a formal complaint has been raised with the broadcaster, who will deal with the complaint in the first instance. If the complainant is still unsatisfied, they can refer their issue to the BSA.McCoskrie, however, called that a “pathetic excuse” that is leading to the “pornification of our culture”.“It’s being led by broadcasters, with the watchdog asleep at the wheel,” he said. “It promotes voyeurism, a porn culture, sexualisation.”​McCoskrie said it was “absolutely inevitable” that children will watch Love Island at 5pm.“A lot of families won’t quite realise just what the content is,” he added.But Szusterman said that Three’s target demographic was 24-54. “Based on global trends, the show plays to a very similar demographic to competing shows on other networks here in New Zealand,” he reiterated.The new UK season of Love Island is a precursor to the first New Zealand version of the format, which will air later this year.Whether or not that will also be in a tea-time slot has yet to be determined, Szusterman said.Concerned parents, however, would do well to heed McCoskrie’s advice: “Keep that remote control very handy and be prepared to use the on-off switch very liberally.”https://www.stuff.co.nz/entertainment/tv-radio/113217131/love-island-at-5pm-is-pornification-of-our-culture-says-family-firstKids shouldn’t be watching Love Island (and not because of the bikinis and sex)The SpinOff 5 June 2019The latest season of British reality show Love Island is set to hit TV screens at the unconventional tea-time hour of 5pm. Jihee Junn explains why the decision is troubling.Here are five words I never thought I’d say: I agree with Bob McCoskrie.“This is a programme with explicit sexual content and also explicit language,” McCoskrie told Stuff. “I also have had concern expressed around body image and the messages it’s sending to young people, and especially young girls,” adding that the show promotes “voyeurism”, “sexualisation”, and “a pornification of our culture”.READ MORE: https://thespinoff.co.nz/tv/05-06-2019/kids-shouldnt-be-watching-love-island-and-not-because-of-the-bikinis-and-sex/Keep up with family issues in NZ. Receive our weekly emails direct to your Inbox.last_img read more

Ten health tips for lazy people

first_img Sharing is caring! 20 Views   no discussions Share Improve your health with minimal effortGetting fit and healthy can sometimes feel like a major effort. However, there are many health-boosting changes you can make that won’t feel like such a chore. To help make the shift into exercise and healthy living, check out our top ten health tips for lazy people.Lazy health tip 1: Build exercise into your routineMany of us think we need to spend hours working up a sweat at the gym to stay fit. However, while intense workouts are beneficial, they can also be extremely off-putting and are not strictly necessary. Research shows that regular daily activity could be more effective than sporadic workouts, so rather than allotting a specific “exercise time” a day, try peppering your day with gentle bits of activity such as taking the stairs instead of the lift, doing the housework, or walking to the shops at lunch.Lazy health tip 2: Make your own ready mealsWe all know that eating fresh, homemade produce is good for us, yet many of us are far too tired to be whipping up a culinary masterpiece after a hard day’s work. However, rather than falling into the trap of relying on shop bought ready meals which may be lacking in nutritional value, try making your own healthy versions instead. By cooking up healthy meals in large batches at the weekend, you can be sure to have plenty of healthy choices in your freezer for those days when you’re too lazy to cook.Lazy health tip 3: Get a pet to improve your healthIf you want big health results without making a big effort, getting a pet could be the way to go. Multiple research studies have shown that pet owners have improved physical and mental health, including lowered blood pressure, better ability to cope with adverse life effects, and lowered stress levels. For those who need encouragement to up their fitness levels, getting a pet dog may also provide you with that push you need to get out and get active.Lazy health tip 4: Exercise while watching TVVegging out in front of the TV can be the quickest way to pile on the pounds. However, couch potatoes needn’t despair; there are plenty of ways to keep healthy and active in front of the screen. To boost your fitness while watching TV, try squeezing a mini-workout into each commercial break. From sit-ups to skipping or a quick run up and down stairs, there are plenty of ways to introduce activity into your TV-watching schedule. The golden rule is simply to keep moving, with research suggesting that even fidgeting while sitting can burn up to 350 extra calories a day.Lazy health tip 5: Do a crossword puzzleIf you really can’t find the energy to put yourself through a workout, take the opportunity instead to work on another area of your body – your brain. Boosting your mental health is just as important as improving your physical wellbeing, and luckily this can be done from the comfort of your couch. Research has found that frequent participation in mentally stimulating activities can reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s disease, so rather than switching on the TV when you get in from work, give your brain a challenge and reach for a crossword, Sudoku puzzle or book instead.Lazy health tip 6: Have leisurely mealsIf there’s one instance where being lazy is an advantage, it’s when eating your meals. Taking long, leisurely meals – as opposed to eating on the run or multi-tasking – is a great way to look after your digestive system and also help you lose weight. By eating more slowly and focusing on your food, you will enjoy and savor it more and cut the risk of overeating. Also, as it takes 20 minutes for your body to register the feeling of being full, by eating more slowly you will feel full after less.Lazy health tip 7: Order a fruit and veg boxIf compiling your own healthy shopping lists feels too much like hard work, save time and energy by letting someone else do the work. Many farms and health food stores now deliver seasonal fruit and veg to local areas on a weekly basis, making it easy to try varied healthy produce without stepping foot out your door. Alternatively, for those who want more and have pennies to spare, several companies now offer the option of having prepared healthy meals delivered direct to your home.Lazy health tip 8: Hit the dance floorWhile the idea of a workout fills many with dread, there are plenty of ways to stay fit without it feeling like hard work. If you struggle to get motivated for an organised exercise session, try turning a night out into a workout instead. Hitting the floor for a dance is a great way to get fit, burn calories and tone and strengthen the body. More importantly, unlike with the gym, it provides a fun workout that won’t feel like exercise.Lazy health tip 9: Supplement your dietKeep falling off the healthy eating wagon? Try complementing your diet with a good quality nutritional supplement or “superfood”. While it’s no substitute for a healthy eating regime, on those days when your good intentions slip by the wayside a good supplement should help tide you over. Try a multi-vitamin complex or a natural “superfood” – such as spirulina, wheatgrass or bee pollen – which is packed with nutrients to help keep your health on track.Lazy health tip 10: Get lots of sleepWhile laziness is generally considered to be detrimental to your health, when it comes to sleeping it can actually pay off. Research has found that sleep can help you live longer, boost your memory and reduce stress, while getting less than five hours a night can lead to accidents, weight gain, and increased risk of heart disease. While it’s possible to have too much of a good thing, getting a regular eight hour’s sleep is a cheap and simple way to boost your health.Real Buzz Sharecenter_img Share HealthLifestyleLocalNews Ten health tips for lazy people by: – August 13, 2012 Tweetlast_img read more

Recovering From Surgery, Maupin Meets Country Star

first_imgAshlee Maupin, 24, of Batesville (right) met singer Dustin Lynch Friday.BATESVILLE, Ind. – A Batesville resident recovering from open heart surgery had an opportunity to meet country star Dustin Lynch.Lynch, known for the hit “Cowboys and Angels” performed at 8 Seconds in Indianapolis this past Friday.Ashlee Maupin, 24, attended the concert and got a rare chance to meet the singer.“I wasn’t even sure, there was a chance I was not coming to the concert,” Maupin said. “So, I just kind of mentioned that to him and he stopped dead in his tracks and said ‘What? You almost didn’t make it here because of open heart surgery?”The operation was performed September 16 and Maupin says the recovery has been going well. The 2009 graduate was a standout cross country athlete while at Batesville.“I really can’t wait to be able to run soon!”last_img read more

Carter continues Southern Iowa Speedway streak

first_imgBy Jeremy FoxOSKALOOSA, Iowa (June 8) – Cayden Carter continued his winning streak in the IMCA Bud­weiser Stock Car division Wednesday at Southern Iowa Speedway.Nathan Wood led lap one but Louis Lynch wrestled it away on lap two. Lynch and Wood battled before Wood grabbed the lead back on lap four. Wood appeared to be heading on to the win when Carter chased him down and took the front spot.Wood tried to make several challenges to get by but Carter was not to be denied win number six, keeping him perfect on the regular season. Wood, Lynch, Todd Reitzler and Donnie Pearson fin­ished second through fifth, respectivelyColt Mather led to the checkers after taking the lead 10 laps into the Musco Lighting IMCA Modi­fied headliner.Danny Thrasher passed Bill Bonnett on the white flag lap and sped to his first local Pepsi Cola IMCA Hobby Stock feature win of the season. Tenth starting Curtis VanDerWal notched win num­ber four in the KBOE Radio IMCA Northern SportMods.Ryan Havel also won from 10th starting, in the Mach-1 Sport Compact feature.last_img read more

Podolski brace sets up Arsenal win

first_img Arsenal welcomed back defender Laurent Koscielny from injury while Sweden midfielder Kim Kallstrom made his first start since arriving on a deadline-day loan from Spartak Moscow. West Ham – without captain Kevin Nolan who failed a fitness test – made a bright start. First, Diame’s effort was charged down by Per Mertesacker before on-loan Milan winger Nocerino drilled in an angled shot which was blocked. Arsenal slowly got into a spell of possession, and a low centre from Podolski down the left was just inches away from being tapped home by Giroud as he arrived at pace into the six-yard box. On 15 minutes, Arsenal midfielder Tomas Rosicky, who missed the Wembley tie because of injury, was late on Andy Carroll and was cautioned. Diame then fired the ball over from five yards after a cutback from Carroll following a corner. Arsenal should have been ahead on 30 minutes. Cazorla collected a loose ball in midfield and then fed Giroud on the edge of the West Ham penalty area. The France forward beat the offside trap and took the ball in his stride, only to then try to flick the ball into the bottom left corner with the outside of his left boot and Adrian was able to get across to make the save. West Ham took the lead five minutes before the break. Nocerino darted down the Arsenal right and into the penalty area, and his near-post shot was saved by Wojciech Szczesny. Jarvis reacted first to nod home from close range. Arsenal looked for an immediate response as Kallstrom fired in an angled drive which Adrian pushed behind. The hosts were level on 44 minutes. Cazorla collected a poor clearance from Stewart Downing some 30 yards out, and fed Podolski in the left side of the West Ham box. The German spun his marker before drilling a low shot into the far corner. Arsenal went into the lead 10 minutes into the second half. Captain Vermaelen, deployed at left-back following injury to Kieran Gibbs and Nacho Monreal, lobbed a deep pass from the halfway line into a crowded penalty area. Both Reid and Carroll tried to block the France forward, who showed superb strength and then a sublime touch to kill the ball dead, before coolly slotting past the keeper with his right foot. Adrian was called into action again on 61 minutes when he palmed away a curling free-kick from Podolski before Cazorla shaved the outside of the woodwork after cutting inside following a break down the right. With 20 minutes left, Rosicky was replaced by Aaron Ramsey, just back from a long injury lay-off. The Wales midfielder helped set up Arsenal’s third goal on 78 minutes when he nodded Giroud’s pass from the right through to Podolski, who turned to drill another fine finish past Adrian from 10 yards to wrap up victory. While the manner of this response will have pleased Wenger, the Gunners boss knows there is still much work to do if they are to secure another shot at elite European football ahead of their Wembley trip on May 17 – which continues at FA Cup final opponents Hull on Easter Sunday. After a slow start following their nerve-shredding penalty shoot-out win over Wigan at Wembley on Saturday, the Gunners went behind to a scrappy goal from Matt Jarvis on 40 minutes. However, German forward Podolski quickly levelled before half-time, with Giroud’s superb take-down and close-range finish putting them in front on 55 minutes. Press Association Another powerful strike from Podolski with 13 minutes left secured all three points which saw Arsene Wenger’s side leapfrog Everton, who host Crystal Palace on Wednesday night. West Ham, who had not played since the home defeat to Liverpool on April 6, started well as Mohamed Diame fired a good chance over from close range on 18 minutes. Arsenal’s big chance arrived on the half-hour mark when Santi Cazorla latched on to a stray pass in midfield and then fed Giroud, who beat the offside trap, but his scuffed finish was saved at full stretch by Adrian. It proved costly as West Ham went ahead when Jarvis headed in from close range after Antonio Nocerino’s shot was saved at the near post. Arsenal, though, were level just before half-time as Podolski spun in the West Ham penalty area to drill a low shot into the bottom corner. Giroud finally showed the perfect touch to put Arsenal ahead 10 minutes into the second half. Thomas Vermaelen sent a high ball into the West Ham box, where Giroud held off both Winston Reid and Andy Carroll to take it down with one sublime left-foot touch before rolling his shot between the goalkeeper’s legs. Arsenal made sure of a crucial victory in the battle for Champions League qualification when Podolski crashed home his second goal of the night with 12 minutes left after a knockdown from Aaron Ramsey. Olivier Giroud’s sublime finish and a double from Lukas Podolski gave FA Cup finalists Arsenal a 3-1 win over West Ham at the Emirates Stadium to move back up into the top four of the Barclays Premier League. last_img read more

McDowell gunning for Gleneagles

first_img A run of three top-10-finishes after a successful title defence at the French Open lifted McDowell into the automatic qualifying places at the start of the US PGA Championship. But with less than three points separating McDowell, Jamie Donaldson and Luke Donald in eighth, ninth and 10th in the standings respectively, the former US Open champion could still need to rely on a wild card from European captain Paul McGinley. Graeme McDowell is confident he will make a fourth consecutive Ryder Cup appearance one way or the other at Gleneagles next month. “This was not really a course I was going to be able to compete on. I’m 71st in driving distance this week out of the 74 players who made the cut. The damage was done Thursday, I didn’t really feel myself. My lower back was in bad shape on Friday and this morning was the only day I felt ready for it. “It’s a slog out there when you are only moving it 280 (yards) off the tee. You say ‘only’ 280 but it really is in this day and age when Jason Day is flying it 320, Rory is flying it 330. I am four shots behind these guys before I tee it up each day so I have to play very well elsewhere which I just haven’t done. “I’m literally wearing the grooves off my 5-wood, 3-hybrid and my four and five irons.” Press Association “I want to be in the automatic spots if I possibly can,” said McDowell, who has just one qualifying event left on his schedule, the first FedEx Cup event in a fortnight’s time. “I will be going out there tomorrow all guns blazing and trying to shoot a low number to finish the week. Ryder Cup is very, very important to me. “I’m not uncomfortable. I’m optimisitic about the way I’m playing, I’m optimisitc about my chances of finishing in the automatic spots and I’d be farily optimistic of the chances of a pick. I am not really too worried about it. “My form the last couple of months has certainly shown the captain that I’m playing well. I will take a week off then get ready for the play-offs, keep some energy in the tank. “I think I am pretty much guaranteed (to qualify for) the first three play-offs, but we are having our baby the second week so I will spend that week at home and experience that next chapter in my life.” McDowell, who secured the winning point at Celtic Manor in 2010, was in the first group out in the third round at Valhalla and finished play before tournament officials were ready to record his score and that of playing partner Brendon Todd. In McDowell’s case it was a level-par 71 which featured four birdies but a quadruple-bogey eight on the 13th, where he hit two approach shots into water surrounding the green. “I played beautifully this morning, it’s so disappointing to make an elementary quadruple bogey, a card-wrecker, tournament-wrecker, weekend-wrecker, all of the above really,” McDowell added. “I think there might have been mud on the first ball but my second attempt was a bad shot. last_img read more

‘Lara was too hasty to lead West Indies’ – Ambrose

first_img… believes batting king should have waited turn for captaincyWEST Indies fast bowling legend Curtly Ambrose believes batting icon Brian Lara was in too much of a rush to claim the post of team captain, going on to find the task tougher than he expected.Having previously played under another bowling great, Courtney Walsh, Lara officially took charge of the West Indies team for the 1997-98 England tour of the Caribbean. The move was not without some controversy at the time, as some felt the then 28-year-old had been instrumental in forcing Walsh out of the post. Ambrose seems to have been among them.“Brian Lara, to me, was too hasty to lead the West Indies team. We knew he was going to be the natural successor to Courtney Walsh because when Courtney Walsh became the captain he [Walsh] had a couple of years left in him and all Brian Lara had to do was just wait on his turn because Courtney was doing a fairly good job,” Ambrose told the Antigua Observer.Walsh had taken over the post from Richie Richardson for the 1994-95 West Indies tour of India. While in charge, the bowler went on to lead the team for 22 Test matches with a record of 6 wins 7 losses and 9 draws. In ODIs, where he led the team 43 times, the West Indies won 22 lost 20, with one no result.“He was too anxious to be the captain and there was no competition because once Courtney left the scene he would have, but he realiasied it was not as easy as he probably thought. A lot of people were upset for him with that because he made it public that he wanted to be the captain; he campaigned for it and to me, it was disappointing,” he said.Lara oversaw the team for 47 Test matches, where they won 10, lost 26 and drew 11. In ODIs he captained for 125 matches, winning 59, losing 59, with 7 no results.Despite the team’s struggles, Lara performed well as captain individually, his 3725 runs and 5 centuries putting him 14th for most runs scored as a captain.  In Tests, he ranks 8th with 4685 and 14 hundreds, including his record 400.(Sportsmax)last_img read more

CAF: Pinnick Named President of AFCON, Media Committee

first_imgIt is the first time in CAF’s 60-year history that a Nigerian would head the very influential Organizing Committee for the Africa Cup of Nations – CAF’s flagship competition which is of the same age.Former CAF President Issa Hayatou chaired the AFCON panel during his tenure. In the Media Committee, Pinnick replaces Anjorin Moucharafou, the Benin Republic FA boss whom he pummeled at the CAF Elections in Ethiopia in March to become an Executive Committee member.Also yesterday, the CAF Executive Committee named the President of Ghana FA, Mr. Kwesi Nyantakyi as 1st Vice President, with his DR Congo opposite number, Omani Constant Selemani, named the 2nd Vice President.SAFA President, Dr. Danny Jordaan, a former university lecturer and parliamentarian who was chief organizer of the 2010 FIFA World Cup finals, was named chairman of the Marketing and TV Committee, while 1988 African Player of the Year, Kalusha Bwalya heads the Technical and Development Committee.Sierra Leone FA boss, Isha Johansen heads the Women’s Football Committee.President of Uganda FA, Moses Magogo was co-opted into the CAF Executive Committee for 2017-2021 cycle. In the poll for the remaining African member of the FIFA Council, Hani Abo Rida of Egypt defeated former Cameroonian FIFA Development Officer Zelkifli Ngoufonja by 50 votes to 4.Share this:FacebookRedditTwitterPrintPinterestEmailWhatsAppSkypeLinkedInTumblrPocketTelegram President of the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF), Mr. Amaju Melvin Pinnick, has been appointed the President of the Organisng Committee for the Africa Cup of Nations – the most important committee in the workings of ithe Confederation of African Football (CAF) aside the Executive Committee.At the inaugural meeting of the CAF Executive Committee which took place on Monday in Manama, Bahrain, on the margin of the 67th FIFA Congress starting today, Pinnick was also named the President of the CAF Media Committee.The NFF supremo will have President of the Zimbabwe Football Federation, Dr. Philip Chiyangwa as his deputy in the AFCON panel.last_img read more