Get to Know The Dynamic Zoom Tool In Resolve 14

first_imgWorking with stills in your video project? Check out DaVinci Resolve 14’s dynamic zoom tool to add some life to your images.Cover image via Shutterstock.There are countless editing tasks that eat away at our precious time, even though the operations themselves are relatively small. For example, setting keyframes so that an image will pan or zoom in takes perhaps 30-40 seconds too long. If you’re a wedding videographer or photographer who offers the full range of video and photography packages, you may find yourself editing stills into the video. Of course, to keep things looking energetic, you’re going want to animate movement to these stills. If you do this often enough, I’m sure it’ll shock you how many hours you’ve spent animating a slight zoom into a still — or even into video footage.Thankfully, in Resolve 14 we can use something called Dynamic Zoom to do this. We simply activate the tool in the inspector, and Resolve will add an automated zoom to the image. Since the DSLR uprising, the term preset has carried negative connotations of quick color grading presets that tend not to look great. But presets, when used correctly, can increase the efficiency of your workflow. Let’s have a look at the Dynamic Zoom.In Resolve, import your media (still or video clip), and place it on the timeline. With your media selected, open the inspector panel, and in the fourth section down, you’ll find the dynamic zoom tool. Simply click the switch to on, and the dynamic zoom will activate on your clip.If we revert to our timeline area and click play, you can now see that our clip is slightly zoomed in, and it will zoom out to its original framing at the end of playback. No matter the duration of your clip, the degree of zoom doesn’t change. The only factor that will change is the speed of the zoom. The shorter a clip, the faster the zoom; the longer a clip, the shorter the zoom.However, in the dynamic zoom panel, there are a few customization options.You can change which way the zoom works with the swap button, and most importantly, we can change the way zoom moves with the ease controls.Linear: one consistent speed.Ease in: gradual rise from in point.Ease out: gradual decline to endpoint.Ease in and out: gradual rise and decline.With most editing and compositing software, you can perform these operations by adjusting the individual keyframe settings.While there is only limited customization available for operational controls, the dynamic zoom is incredibly efficient, and it will save you a good minute in the edit bay, which can translate into hours, if not days, over the course of your editing career.However, we run into a problem when it comes to the positioning of the zoom. If you have a particular element within the left third of your composition, it’s not going to be much use zooming in on the center of the image. We can adjust this by opening the Dynamic Zoom overlay, which you can access in the lower left corner under the viewer.When this is active, we have two overlays: a green rectangle that represents the starting point and a red rectangle that represents the endpoint. Here, you can change the position of the dynamic zoom; therefore, if you are working with a particular focus point, the image zooms in or out accordingly.Below is a real-time edit performing an ease-out zoom in using keyframes — and performing the same task using the dynamic zoom.As you can see, the results present a clear winner regarding efficiency. Next time you have a handful of stills to work with, be sure to make use of Resolve’s dynamic zoom feature.Looking for more on DaVinci Resolve? Check out these articles:How To Make Someone Look Ill Without Makeup in DaVinci ResolveReduce Unwanted Skin Shine In Post-Production with DaVinci ResolveIs DaVinci Resolve’s Title Generator a Hit or a Miss? Lewis McGregor is a certified BlackMagic Design DaVinci Resolve Trainer.last_img read more

Your Desperation Isn’t Motivating

first_img Essential Reading! Get my first book: The Only Sale Guide You’ll Ever Need “The USA Today bestseller by the star sales speaker and author of The Sales Blog that reveals how all salespeople can attain huge sales success through strategies backed by extensive research and experience.” Buy Now I once heard Anthony Robbins say that people change for one of two reasons: inspiration or desperation. He said it is normally desperation that gets people to the point of change. But desperation causes change when you reach that point on your own; it isn’t a tool for leaders.When you feel the strain that accompanies a poor performance, it is easy to react by exporting your fears, your concerns, and your stress onto your team. It shows up as anger, impatience, and intolerance. None of these emotions are motivating to others.You need a change, so you ratchet up the pressure that you feel on everyone around you. But instead of creating a burning platform, you torch everyone standing on the platform, destroying the very people (and the very relationships) you most need when you most need them.Desperation isn’t the right motivator. Inspiration is the better choice.People respond to challenges. They respond when they have a mission that provides meaning. They respond to the opportunity to make a difference. People respond to the chance to grow, to become something more than they are.We love the underdog with her back against the wall because she is us. We want to be inspired. We want to believe.People see you in one of two states when you are under serious pressure. They see you as the very best version of yourself, or they see you at your very worst. There is no path to better performance that begins with you at your very worst. By transferring your desperation, you cause people to change, but it isn’t the change that you need. Instead, they change leaders.QuestionsWhen you are under serious pressure, which version of you responds? Is it the empowered, resourceful you? Or is it the victim?How do you slow down and center yourself when you are under pressure?Is your game face something that inspire others to take action and join your cause? Or is it something that inspires people to find a new place to call home?Everyone makes the wrong choice here before they make the right choice. How do you apologize and reset?last_img read more

MLA tries to assault Nashik civic chief, held

first_imgPune: Independent legislator Bacchu Kadu was arrested in Nashik on Monday for allegedly misbehaving with the Nashik Municipal Commissioner, Abhishek Krishna, and attempting to assault him.A case under Section 353 (assault or criminal force to deter public servant from discharge of his duty), among others, was lodged against the legislator from Amravati district and his supporters at the Sarkarwada police station in Nashik.Mr. Kadu and several of his supporters created a ruckus in the Nashik Municipal Corporation (NMC) at noon over the civic body’s alleged failure to implement the Persons with Disabilities Act, 1995. The legislator and his followers, operating under his social outfit Prahaar Sanghatana, raised slogans against the NMC. When he was granted an audience with Mr. Krishna, the talk degenerated into a heated verbal argument. A scuffle ensued, and the MLA allegedly tried to physically assault the NMC Commissioner.The police were called in to impose order. Deputy Commissioner Haribhau Phadol said Mr. Kadu’s actions would be investigated.last_img read more

10.or D review: A worthy challenger to the Redmi 5A

first_imgAmazon India last month announced its third smartphone offering under the 10.or (Tenor) brand, called the 10.or D. The handset comes following the 10.or G and 10.or E, both of which fall in the budget segment. The latest handset comes at an even lower price point starting at Rs 4,999 and will go on sale on the e-commerce platform from January 5. Considering the specs on board, the 10.or D looks to provide a solid entry-level smartphone to take on the Redmi 5A.The e-commerce company says that the 10.or D has been designed considering customer feedback. The “Crafted for Amazon” smartphone highlights certain specifications such as a large 3500mAh battery, fingerprint sensor and stock Android, among other things that have been popular requests by Amazon customers for a budget handset. If the 10.or D delivers, it will be a pretty solid challenger to the Redmi 5A, if not a winner in its own right. Read on to know how well the phone performs.Design and displayCompanies seldom pay attention to design when it comes to entry-level smartphones. When you’re trying to sell a cheap phone, you’re pretty much going to have to make some compromises in some some areas. The 10.or D does just that. The handset isn’t the most attractive looking device out there, but you can tell the company is focussing on what is inside. Here, the Redmi 5A tends to win as it has a more pleasing design.One of the biggest highlights here is the fingerprint sensor on the back, which quite rare to see at this price pointadvertisementThe handset is easy enough to hold in one hand, but it is a bit thick which is probably due to the 3500mAh battery inside. The 10.or D has a plastic outer shell, but the matte finish on the back is smooth to the touch. One of the biggest highlights here is the fingerprint sensor on the back, which quite rare to see at this price point. The Redmi 5A does not sport a fingerprint sensor, so I would definitely call this a win for Amazon if one is keeping count. In my time with the handset, I found the fingerprint sensor was not the fastest, but not too slow to complain as well. It also failed to register my fingerprint on occasion, but just the fact that you’re getting a fingerprint sensor at this price point is something worth bragging about.The 10.or D sports a 5.2-inch HD display, which is pretty bright and vivid for a 720p resolution. The brightness levels are good and the colours look impressive as well, especially the reds and blues. Viewing angles are decent, but look a bit off at extreme angles. Visibility indoors is great and the phone handles pretty well outdoors under bright sunlight as well. The handset does not come with an ambient light sensor so you will need to manually adjust the brightness depending on your surrounding.Software and performanceThe 10.or D runs stock Android 7.1.2 Nougat, which is great as I found the experience to be quite snappy for a budget phone. The phone is light in terms of the pre-loaded apps on board. You’ll get a pretty clean set of Android applications as well as a couple of pre-loaded Amazon apps like Kindle and Prime Video which are non-removable, but they don’t take up a lot of storage space either so it should bother anyone.The handset is powered by a 1.4GHz quad-core processor Snapdragon 425 processor (Cortex A53) with Adreno 308 GPU, which is similar to the Redmi 5A. Most of the basic daily apps like WhatsApp, Google, Facebook among other things will open pretty quickly and you won’t find a lot of lags and stutters. You will find some slow down when browsing some heavy apps like Facebook or playing graphic intense games, which is understandable considering the chipset you’re getting.By the end of the day, I found a good 30 per cent charge still leftI’m a little unsure about backward facing speakers on smartphones. Both the 10.or D and Redmi 5A feature speaker grilles on the back, which I feel may be better than keeping them on the bottom of the phone only to have your palms block them when watching videos on landscape. However, a speaker on the back means the sound will travel in the opposite direction, which means you’re not going to get a precise hearing experience. But the speaker is loud enough to compensate for that.CamerasMoving over to the optics, the 10.or D sports a 13-megapixel rear camera and a 5-megapixel front-facing camera that are again similar to what you will find on the Redmi 5A. After taking a couple of indoor and outdoor shots through the rear camera, I found that colours are decent but they aren’t crisp. Zoom in on them and you’ll find that details are lacking and they often come out a bit hazy. This brings me to the point that the cameras have difficulty in focusing on the subject. You will have to wait a while before you can grab one steady and clear shot.advertisement XPreviousNextThe front camera isn’t great, but it gets the job done. It captures selfies but the colours look washed out and it lets in too much light from the edges. Much like the rear camera, the front also has trouble focusing on the subject and more often than not the shots come out a little hazy. The Redmi 5A seems to do a little better in this aspect and if cameras are an important factor for you then you may want to look the other way. BatteryOne of the biggest features entry-level smartphone consumers look for is a battery that lasts longer than a day, and the Amazon India promises that and a whole lot more with the 10.or D. The handset houses a 3500mAh battery, which is impressive at this price point. To compare, the Redmi 5A comes with a 3000mAh battery. Now, e-commerce platform promises up to 2 days of battery life on average use. This seems about right as during my time with the phone I got about a day and a half of juice with above average usage. My usage included messaging, calls, listening to music for about an hour and streaming videos for about two hours. By the end of the day, I found a good 30 per cent charge still left.Usage aside, what really impressed me was the standby time. When Amazon said that the phone will last up to 10 days on standby, I feel they were being quite modest as I found the 10.or D still had charge left in it after leaving it idling away for 10 days, which makes me believe it could have given me a few days more. The handset features a standard micro-USB port and does not support fast charging. It takes about two to two and a half hours to charge the device from zero to 100 per cent, which I can’t complain about considering the number of times I actually need to charge to phone is pretty low.Should you buy it?Before the launch of 10.or D, if someone were to ask me the beat phone to buy for Rs 5000, I would usually suggest the Redmi 5A. But now I find myself favouring the 10.or D just a little bit more. I do admit the Redmi 5A wins in the design department and cameras to some extent. But if it comes down to providing a stock Android experience and battery life, the 10.or D just wins it in my opinion. Also, adding a fingerprint sensor is just an extra touch of impressive.advertisementBased on my time with the 10.or D, I found that the phone to be extremely promising. Sure, the design may not be something to write home about, but the software is pretty fluid and the performance was snappy as well. From the looks of it, the 10.or D seems like a worthy challenger to take on the Redmi 5A and other entry-level phones. Amazon will have to amp up advertising, though, to really get this phone out there in the public’s eye. The biggest concern as I see it is that people don’t know the brand well enough. So, even if I were to suggest the 10.or D, my skeptic friends and family would probably prefer the Redmi 5A just because it is backed by Xiaomi’s name.10.or D review7.5/10Good stuffExcellent batteryStock AndroidFingerprint sensorBad stuffUninspiring designAverage camerasBulky buildlast_img read more

N.Y. OK’s Mixed Martial Arts

first_imgALBANY, N.Y. — New York ended its ban on professional mixed martial arts — the last hold-out in the nation — opening the cages for major fights in its big venues and lower-level scraps across the state.Gov. Andrew Cuomo praised the move as a boost to the state economy as he signed the law April 14 at Madison Square Garden, ringed by Ultimate Fighting Championship ex-champions Ronda Rousey and Chris Weidman, a Long Island native.“Madison Square Garden is the international icon for great sports events,” Cuomo said. “The economics that go along with the sport are undeniable.”The UFC, the sport’s largest promotion, which broadcasts shows on Fox television and major events on pay-per-view, announced plans at the signing to hold its first New York show Nov. 12 at the Garden.The law doesn’t take effect until September, giving the New York State Athletic Commission time to add two members, adopt regulations, train staff and begin licensing promoters, trainers and fighters.The sport’s violence drew opposition from some lawmakers and proposals from others to better protect fighters, who wear small gloves and engage in a combination of kickboxing, wrestling and jiu-jitsu, often inside a cage or other enclosure.Provisions added to the law raise the insurance required to $50,000 for fighter injuries, a $50,000 death benefit and $1 million for life-threatening brain injuries, and it authorizes the state to study potential funding mechanisms for long-term care of fighters who develop degenerative brain conditions.It’s also designed to bring the amateur sport, which has grown unregulated across the state, under state-authorized supervision.UFC lobbied hard for years to convince state politicians to legalize it, bringing marquee fighters like Jon Jones and Rousey to Albany’s Capitol.Meanwhile, Rousey became a model and action film star with an entourage. Jones, a native of upstate New York, is widely regarded as the best fighter, pound for pound, on the planet.There are many lesser-known fighters training in New York who expect now to make some money in the last state where pro fights were banned.“I believe there will be packed houses,” said Liam McGeary, an English expatriate who lives in Brooklyn and is the professionally unbeaten light heavyweight champion for Bellator.“There’s a lot of fight fans over here who don’t get to experience the fight shows we do over on the West Coast,” said McGeary, who has fought in California and other states. He predicted many local fans, as well as others from England, will turn out to New York venues.Bellator’s principal owner is New York-based Viacom, whose Spike TV broadcasts the fights to 150 countries.Promotion President Scott Coker said they put on 16 cards last year, plan to do 29 this year and are averaging 1.2 million viewers per show.“We’re building our roster every month. We’re going after some of the big free agents. We’re building some fighters from the ground up,” he said.Among venues they’re talking to is Barclays Center in Brooklyn, Coker said. “It’d be a great place to hold our inaugural event there in New York.”UFC Chief Executive Lorenzo Fertitta said they’ll hold an upstate event this year and later others across New York. Weidman is already scheduled for a middleweight title rematch in June against Californian Luke Rockhold in Los Angeles.Bellator is also considering the Garden and other New York venues, including Indian reservation casinos and Buffalo, Coker said.The Governor’s office estimated the sport will yield almost $140 million in annual economic activity in New York from gym expansions and about 70 yearly MMA events.Duff Holmes has a roster of about 20 fighters who train evenings and weekends at his gym in suburban Utica. Former UFC light heavyweight Matt Hamill trained with him.“The last few years in New York, the highest level amateurs were basically pros,” Holmes said. Several of his guys had 15 or 20 amateur fights, while in other states most have only four or five before turning professional.For the New Yorkers, travel would have cost anything they made. The ability to sell hometown tickets could change that math, though the high insurance requirements may keep smaller promoters out of the market, he said.However, Holmes has at least two fighters, featherweight Eric Mendiola and lightweight Pete San Antonio, who’ve each fought professionally twice for smaller promotions following long amateur careers. “They’re at the level that’s going to be noted,” he said.There are a dozen or more amateur promotions in New York, including some that sell tickets to mismatches with barely trained fighters, Holmes said. “That’s one good thing that’s going to come out of this. They’re going to go bye-bye.”(MICHAEL VIRTANEN)TweetPinShare0 Shareslast_img read more

Edgbaston Test: India look to draw first blood at England’s fortress

first_imgOver the last 86 years, India have played 17 Test series in England, winning only three. More significantly, India have won a mere six Tests in the country. And with these numbers behind them, world number one India take on world number two England in Birmingham, traditional bastion for the hosts.Out of 50 Tests played in Edgbaston, England have won 27. James Anderson and Stuart Broad have a total of 67 wickets here. India, on the other hand, have never won here; out of five Tests at Edgbaston, India have lost six with their only draw in 1986.India’s last Test series triumph in England had come 11 years ago, in 2007 when they won a three-match series 1-0. After that, India toured England twice; in 2011, the visitors were whitewashed 4-0 before losing 1-3 in 2014 after going into the third Test of the five-match series with a 1-0 lead.The Indian team management would like to believe a lot has changed since that tour of England four years ago. Virat Kohli, who infamously scored 134 runs from five Tests, went on to smash four hundreds in Australia months later. Today, he No.2 in the ICC’s rankings for Test batsmen and is the only captain with six double hundreds to his name.Virat Kohli says he’s not in a frame of mind to prove himself in any countryIn fact, since England 2014, Kohli has scored 15 Test hundreds and became the only batsman to score double hundreds in four successive Test series.However, most of Kohli’s runs and India’s victories have come at home in this four-year period against South Africa, New Zealand, England and Australia. India’s only overseas success has come in Sri Lanka and West Indies.advertisementIndia toured South Africa with their hopes high but they were brought crashing down in Cape Town and Centurion.We have strong plans in place for Kohli, says RootEngland will be a stiffer challenge. There was talk of how the warm weather could help India propser but rain over the weekend could dampen the mood in the Indian camp. Moreover, conditions in Birmingham have not been affected by the warm weather.India’s preparations ahead of the first Test have also been far from ideal. They had reduced their match against Essex to a three-day affair to get to Birmingham a day earlier – however, that extra day of practice did not materialise thanks to rain.Controversial? Adil Rashid in England playing XI for first Test vs IndiaThen there are the injury concerns: Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Jasprit Bumrah’s absence will leave a massive hole in the pace attack. Mohammed Shami has very little match practice under his belt and the onus will be on Ishant Sharma and Umesh Yadav.Given the importance of this week, India will most likely stick with R Ashwin if they do in with only one spinner. If Kohli decides to pick two spinners, there is a chance Kuldeep Yadav might get his third Test cap.India vs England: Virat Kohli has improved since 2014, says James AndersonHowever, England have prepared hard. Joe Root and Jos Buttler started picking Kuldeep well as the ODI series progressed. Besides, three left-arm wrist spinners were deployed in the nets to negate any threat posed by Kuldeep. And it is understood the pitch will not really offer a lot of turn. In other words, it will be a typical English Test wicket.India, of course, fancy their chances this English summer. They have the chance to rewrite history. Can they do it under Virat Kohli?last_img read more

It’s a great feeling: Harshita Tomar after sailing bronze at Asiad

first_imgThree medals were added to India’s tally on Friday at Asian Games 2018 from the sport of sailing.One silver and two bronze came in sailing to take India’s tally to 62 including 13 gold, 22 silver and 27 bronze.Varsha Gautham and Sweta Shervegar clinched silver in the 49er FX Women’s event and Harshita Tomar claimed bronze in the Open Laser 4.7.Varun Thakkar Ashok and Chengappa Ganapathy Kelapanda won bronze with a total of 53 after race 15 in the 49er men’s event.Congratulations to #Sailing #TeamIndia #VarshaGautham and #SwetaShervegar on winning a silverin the 49er FX Women event while #HarshitaTomar on winning a bronze in the Open Laser 4.7 at #AsianGames .#IndiaAtAsianGames #AsianGames2018 of Sports MYAS (@IndiaSports) August 31, 2018The 20-year-old Varsha and 27-year-old Sweta combined to produce a total score of 40 after 15 races to finish second at the Indonesia National Sailing Centre here.Asian Games, Day 13: Live Updates16-year-old Harshita totalled 62 after race 12 to finish third.”It is a great feeling to win a medal for the country. I can’t explain it. It has been a great learning experience for me,” Harshita, a former swimmer, said after winning the medal.Govind Bairagi finished fourth in the Open Laser 4.7, while Nethra Kumanan finished fifth place in Laser Radial Sailing event.(With PTI inputs)last_img read more

Sushant Singh Rajput roped in as face of footwear brand

first_imgNew Delhi, Oct 8 (IANS) European footwear majorBatahas roped in Bollywood actorSushantSinghRajputas its brand ambassador to promote its new casual range.This is in line with Bata’s objective to make the brand relevant and aspirational amongst the young and trendy consumers and the actor will be initially seen promotingBata’s new men’s casualcollection, said a statement.”…I am super excited to be a catalyst of the brand transformation that Bata is undergoing. I have recently shot for their new ‘be surprised’ campaign showcasing the latest men’s casual collections. And believe me it will leave you surprised too,” said Sushant on his association.Sandeep Kataria, Chief Executive Officer, Bata India Limited, “Sushant is a multi-faceted actor who is a favourite amongst today’s youth with his performances and style. He is a perfect fit for the brand due to his charming persona and panache. Hebrings a freshness to the brand and we are happy to kick off this exciting partnership with him to make Bata more relatable to the youth.”Bata already has actress Kriti Sanon as a brand ambassador for their women’s range and Smriti Mandhana as the face of their sports brand – Power. –IANSnv/vmlast_img read more

dAmico Collects USD 48 Mn from Equity Issue

first_imgzoomIllustration. Image Courtesy: Pixabay under CC0 Creative Commons license Italian tanker shipping company d’Amico International Shipping (DIS) has unveiled that around 97.3 percent of its preferential subscription rights were exercised.The company collected EUR 42.8 million (USD 48.3 million) of net proceeds through the transaction.During the preferential subscription rights’ exercise period, which started on March 25, 2019 and ended on April 16, 2019, around 628.39 million preferential subscription rights were exercised, according to d’Amico.Given the ratio of 10 new shares for 11 preferential subscription rights, the company said it would issue 571.26 million of new shares, which will trade on the Mercato Telematico Azionario.Additionally, any remaining shares not exercised during the period are to be placed through a private placement ending on May 17, 2019.“We are pleased with the very high participation in our rights issue, with over 97% of the preferential subscription rights subscribed. We are confident that we are finally close to a strong market recovery, driven also by the pent-up demand for our vessels deriving from IMO 2020,” Paolo d’Amico, d’Amico International Shipping’s Chief Executive Officer, said.“The capital raised will allow us to strengthen our balance sheet, positioning us favorably to benefit from the expected increase in freight rates. From 2020, DIS’ lower investment needs and debt repayments should also contribute to a deleveraging of our balance sheet and to the generation of substantial free cash flow for our shareholders.”last_img read more

Traffic Advisory Halifax Regional Municipality

first_img Local Area Office: 902-424-6144 Fax: 902-424-1776 HALIFAX REGIONAL MUNICIPALITY: Three Sections Paving has started on three sections of road in Halifax Regional Municipality. Sections being paved are: Work is expected to continue until Sunday, Sept. 30. Motorists are advised there will be lane closures and to expect delays. Work takes place from sunrise to sunset. Terence Bay Road, 7.7 kilometres Prospect Road, 2.3 kilometres Lower Prospect Branch, 0.30 kilometres -30-last_img

Cardiac program targets marital woes that can exacerbate health problems

first_imgThe bickering didn’t start until nearly 40 years of marriage.But it soon escalated so much that Doug and Bonnie Main wondered if they’d be married much longer.“She’d put something wrong in the dishwasher and I’d go in and change it. Just anything (started an argument) because we were so on edge,” recalls the 67-year-old Doug Main.“We were fighting a lot. We were wondering if even our marriage was breaking down. And this is just because we’re both anxious about the same thing.”Neither was willing to address the elephant in the room: Bonnie’s health was failing.After decades of heart problems, doctors said it was time to consider a transplant. Last year, the 67-year-old was put on a years-long waiting list and told to stay within three hours of the Ottawa Heart Institute.Doug eagerly stepped in to take on more domestic chores, and that’s when the arguments started.The couple needed help, and they found it last fall in a pilot project at the institute, which focuses on strengthening marriages and romantic partnerships.Healing Hearts Together is an educational program based on the groundbreaking work of Ottawa psychologist Sue Johnson, who says marital strife is a little discussed possible side-effect of serious health problems.“You can give people little booklets to take home when they’ve had a heart attack but the bottom line is, when they go home and they don’t know how to talk to each other and they start having enormous fights, well forget it,” says Johnson, whose book on marital bonds, “Hold Me Tight,” forms the basis of the program.“It makes no sense for us to pour money into giving people leaflets and … not give them anything at all to help them go home with their partner and learn how to face this problem together.”While support services are generally available to patients and caregivers individually, it’s rare to find something geared towards couples, says Johnson, who hopes to make Healing Hearts available to every cardiac program in North America.Johnson says survivors are much less likely to have a heart attack if they are in a strong relationship. The program’s approach to couples therapy has also been adapted to help people with Parkinson’s disease in Tennessee and diabetes in the Netherlands. She’d next like to see it help those with breast cancer.Relationships can change drastically after a traumatic health scare.Psychologist Heather Tulloch notes that patients are often put on new medication and encouraged to exercise, reduce stress and change their diet. It often falls on the spouse to make sure those things happen.“There’s a lot of role changes and testing of identities. And people cope differently,” says Tulloch.She says patients often want to get their affairs in order and worry about the burden placed on their spouse. The spouse, meanwhile, can be wracked by fear their partner will die.Doug Main knows that first hand.“You’re laying in bed and reach over and touch her to see if she’s still breathing. It’s really hard,” he says.“I watch her and say, ‘You sure you should be doing that?’ Because the doctor said don’t let her get over-tired because she has no reserves left in her heart, so you’re constantly (wondering): How far do I let her go? When do I intervene?… And of course I don’t want her to feel like an invalid.”Meanwhile, Bonnie Main felt unable to discuss her health fears freely, knowing that if she cried it would upset Doug even more.But his concern over her health was also hard to take.“I’ve always been one to do a lot — running with the kids here and there and everything — and for him suddenly to want to do the cooking for me and do everything for me, or say, ‘Don’t go up and down the stairs,’ you know, then I really felt confined.”Tulloch says that’s why a program like Healing Hearts is sorely needed.“The goal is to help them work better together, help them communicate better together, enhance that relationship so that if they are coping differently that we can get them back on the same page so that they can manage their health better.”last_img read more

DeSean Jackson Documentary Screening To Benefit Charity

first_img#10 DeSean Jackson: The Making of a Father’s Dream, the documentary by Jackson’s brother Byron Jackson and Hollywood Director Kern Konwiser will screen Wednesday, July 17 at the Horizon Casino & Resort, during the 24th American Century Celebrity Championship Tournament in Lake Tahoe, Nevada.The multicultural film with universal themes presented by Wright Enterprises and LaHitz Media as an encore of the San Francisco Black Film Festival benefits the Boys & Girls Club of Lake Tahoe and the academic arm of SportsRhythms.“There’s a lot of excitement during the Celebrity Golf Tournament; so we are pleased the documentary about DeSean Jackson will be screened to give visibility to the Boys & Girls Club to garner support for their on-going work,” said Jackie Wright, President Wright Enterprises. “It’s also a great opportunity for media and celebrities to find out about the Boys & Girls Club Lake Tahoe Golf Classic, October 17, 2013 at Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course.”The benefit screening demonstrates the power of the entertainment industry to do good in the world,” said Jacquie Taliaferro, San Francisco Filmmaker and founder of LaHitz Media. Invited (unconfirmed) guests include: Ray Allen, Charles Barkley, Jerome Bettis, Chris Chandler, Stephen Curry, David Justice, John Elway, Anthony Anderson, Michael Phelps, Dan Quinn, Ahmad Rashad, Alfonso Ribeiro, Jerry Rice, Mark Rypien, Billy Joe Tolliver, Brian Williams, Gary Williams and other celebrity golfers and media.“Our film is about more than football. The key principles of the documentary can be used to strive for excellence in science and technology, arts, business, and many other disciplines,” said Jackson, a filmmaker and Fox Sports Nets editor. “We are pleased to raise awareness for the Boys & Girls Club.”The Media and Celebrity Screening of “#10 DeSean Jackson: The Making of a Father’s Dream” will be from 5:00 p.m.-7:00 p.m. at the Horizon Casino and Resort, 50 Hwy, 50 Stateline, NV 89449. See the Invitation here.last_img read more

Bill And Melinda Gates To Be Honored By Helen Keller International

first_imgHelen Keller International, a leading global nonprofit dedicated to fighting the causes and consequences of preventable blindness and malnutrition, will celebrate its Centennial Anniversary with the 2015 Spirit of Helen Keller Gala.This special evening will honor Bill and Melinda Gates with the 2015 Spirit of Helen Keller Award for their transformational leadership, efforts in reducing hunger, and focus on empowering women. Dr. David Nabarro will be honored with the 2015 Helen Keller Humanitarian Award in recognition of his tireless efforts to position malnutrition as a central issue within the development dialogue, and to ensure an effective response to the recent Ebola crisis in West Africa.Expected to attend are Honoree Melinda Gates along with Centennial Challenge Chair, Kate Ganz, Gala Co-Chairs, Karin & Henry Barkhorn, Brooks Betts and Desmond G. FitzGerald, Gala Steering Committee, Jennifer A. Buda, Mary Lindley Burton, Mary F. Crawford Dana & Greg Feller, Beverly Orthwein, Bradford Perkins, Bernirene Ramos & James H. Simmons III, Daniel, Carol Sisler, H. Mitchell Watson, Jr. and more…Helen Keller International was founded in November 1915 by a then 35 year old Helen Keller, already a renowned advocate for the disabled, and George Kessler, a wealthy New York City wine merchant who survived the sinking of the Lusitania, to help soldiers blinded during World War I. Today, nearly 300 million people benefit from Helen Keller International’s 180 programs in 21 African and Asian countries, as well as in the United States.Helen Keller International is dedicated to saving the sight and lives of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged. They combat the causes and consequences of blindness and malnutrition by establishing programs based on evidence and research in vision, health and nutrition. Visit for more information.WHEN: Monday, May 18, 2015WHERE: The New York Public Library Fifth Avenue at 42nd Streetlast_img read more

Tariq Ramadans Wife Speaks About Rape Accusations for First Time

Rabat- For the first time since rape accusations surfaced against him, Tariq Ramadan’s wife spoke out and claimed that her husband is a “victim of a media’s lynching.” In a video posted on the Facebook page “For the Liberation of Tariq Ramadan”, Iman Ramadan said that “he had full confidence in justice and unfortunately justice wronged him.”She indicated that since he was still being held by police investigators in Paris, his family has been prevented from visiting him or calling him by phone. “I’m not sure right now that he’s receiving a fair and just treatment.” In the opinion of his wife, Ramadan was targeted by the media. “It is enough to just read the press or turn on the TV and think that he’s guilty,” adding that she thinks that “he is unfortunately a victim of this media lynching and political pressure exerted against him.”“There are so many lies at this point that it became unbearable,” his wife said. “ I am torn between reading what the press says about him and hide in my bubble waiting justice to be served.”French police arrested Tariq Ramadan on January 31, after two women filed complaints against him last year, accusing him of rape. The police continue to hold him as “part of a preliminary inquiry” into the rape and assault allegations.The Oxford professor denies the allegations, claiming that they are part of a”campaign of lies launched by [his] adversaries.”Ramadan was accused of rape by author and former Salafi Henda Ayari, who accused him of raping her in 2012 when both attended a congress of the Union of Islamic Organizations of France. Another woman stepped forward shortly thereafter and claimed she was raped by the Swiss scholar in a French hotel in 2009. read more

CI Financial to buy Sentry Investments expanding mutual fund offerings

TORONTO — CI Financial Corp. (TSX:CIX) has agreed to buy Sentry Investments Corp. in a friendly deal worth about $780 million, adding to its portfolio of mutual funds.CI’s assets under management will rise by 16 per cent to $140 billion when the deal closes, subject to regulatory approvals.The companies say Sentry will remain a standalone brand, offering more than 45 mutual funds to the Canadian market.CI Financial will pay $230 million of the purchase price in cash and the balance in shares.The deal came as CI reported a second-quarter profit of $96.3 million or 37 cents per share, down from $128.6 million or 47 cents per share a year ago.On an adjusted basis, CI earned $141.3 million or 54 cents per share in its latest quarter, up from $128.6 million or 47 cents per share in the same quarter last year. read more

Reminder Prime Minister brings town hall tour to Brock University Tuesday

A large crowd is expected to pack Ian Beddis Gymnasium Tuesday, Jan. 15 when Prime Minister Justin Trudeau hosts a town hall meeting at Brock University.The public event is the only Ontario stop on the Prime Minister’s cross-country tour, which started last week in Kamloops, B.C. The town halls are free events that allow the Prime Minister to hear directly from communities about building a strong future for Canada.Accessing the event:There is no cost to attend the town hall and no tickets are required, but space is limited to the first 2,000 people.The only public entrance for the event will open at 5 p.m. at the exterior doors leading to South Block (closest to Welch Hall). Anyone from Brock or the wider community hoping to secure a spot at the event is encouraged to line up outside the doors prior to 5 p.m. The event itself starts at 7 p.m.A mandatory coat check will allow those heading into the town hall to store any coats and bags. At 5 p.m., the doors will open and the lineup will follow a queue into Ian Beddis Gymnasium.Water bottles of any kind are not allowed inside the venue; however, fountains and restrooms are available directly outside of the gymnasium.For those unable to attend, the town hall will be streamed live by numerous national television outlets, as well as on the Brock University Facebook page. The livestream will also be aired on television screens in Brock’s Market Hall.Services in the Walker Sports Complex will be limited Tuesday:Ian Beddis Gymnasium will be closed all day. The Zone, running track and fitness studios will all close at 2 p.m. Bob Davis Gymnasium and the Brock pool will close at 3 p.m.After 2 p.m., access to the Walker Complex will only be available from either the west doors near the tennis courts or from the internal hallway leading from Scotiabank Hall near the Computer Commons.Student classroom access:After 2 p.m., students needing access to classrooms in South Block must use the entrance between Welch Hall and David S. Howes Theatre.Access to campus and parking:For anyone working at Brock University or coming onto campus Tuesday afternoon, please note there will be delays and limited parking available, even for permit holders and in paid parking areas.Public transit and carpooling is highly recommended. For those driving to campus in the afternoon, parking staff will be on site to direct vehicles into available lots.From 2 p.m. onward, University Road West will be closed to vehicle traffic.For more information, including parking maps, visit the Brock University website. read more

Laura Plummer lands back in Britain after being released from prison in

Ms Plummer, pictured, spent 15 months in prison A British woman has told of her “15 month trip to hell” after her holiday turned into a nightmare when she was jailed over painkillers.Laura Plummer, 34, landed at Heathrow Airport on Tuesday afternoon and said she thought her “nightmare would never end” when she was held in al-Qanater women’s prison, south of Cairo in Egypt.The shopworker from Hull was sentenced to three years in prison on Boxing Day 2017 for taking 290 Tramadol tablets into the country.Breaking down in tears as she arrived back in the UK, Ms Plummer said: “Words cannot express how delighted I am to be home.”At times I thought this nightmare would never end. What should have been a two-week holiday in the sun turned into a 15-month trip to Hell.”I would like to thank everybody for supporting me throughout this, especially my family.”Ms Plummer was arrested at Hurghada Airport on October 9 2017 when she flew into the Red Sea resort.She claimed she was taking the tablets – which are legal in the UK but banned in Egypt – for her Egyptian partner Omar Caboo, who suffers severe back pain.Her family previously said Ms Plummer had no idea that what she doing was illegal and was just “daft”. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Last September, she was refused permission to appeal against her conviction, but was granted early release on Monday after serving a third of her sentence. Karl Turner, Ms Plummer’s local MP, said: “I am delighted for Laura and her family that this terrible ordeal is now coming to an end.”I would like to thank the Foreign Office and particularly minister of state Alistair Burt MP for everything he and officials have done for Laura and her family since this saga begun.”I very much hope that Laura can put this behind her and get on with her life now.”A spokesman for the Foreign Office said: “We are pleased Laura is now able to reunite with her family.”Our staff provided extensive support to Laura and her family during her imprisonment, visiting her regularly to check her welfare, and maintaining close contact with both her family and lawyer.” Ms Plummer, pictured, spent 15 months in prison read more

There are now almost 50000 more fulltime jobs than last year many

first_imgALMOST 50,000 MORE people are in full-time employment than were this time last year according to the Central Statistics Office.The Quarterly National Household Survey for the first quarter of this year shows that there was increase of 46,400 people working full-time compared to 2013. There was however a small drop in part-time employment.The biggest single sectoral increase came in the area of agriculture where there are now 14,400 more employed in that area than last year.Nine of the 14 sectors of the economy measured saw an increase in employment over the course of the last year.The seasonally adjusted unemployment rate decreased from 12.2 per cent to 12.0 per cent over the quarter after the number of those unemployed was down  by 4,500.Long-term unemployment was also down, with those out of work for over a year decreasing from 8.4 per cent to 7.3 per cent in the year to March.Unemployment among men decreased by 12.5 per cent over the year and 10 per cent among women, suggesting the rapid decline in construction job losses has been slowed.Philip O’Sullivan of Investec suggests that the increase in those employed in the agricultural sector may in fact be greater than the figure suggests:The CSO itself notes that “particular caution is warranted” in the interpretation of the trend in the ‘Agriculture, forestry and fishing’ sector due to sample changes, so the headline figures may understate the current rate of growth in total employment having, conversely, potentially overstated it in Q4 2013.Read: Men “hit harder than women by unemployment during recession” >Read: EU employment is struggling, with Ireland below average >last_img read more

The top 10 countries that spend the most on beer yes obviously

first_imgWE’RE ALL WELL aware the country has a not-entirely-healthy relationship with drink.But how does our consumption compare with the rest of the world?Well, there are obviously a few ways of measuring it — the most reliable being the comparative figures supplied by the OECD.This is interesting too though: the US website has put together an infographic of the ten countries that spend the most on beer per person per year.As you can see, Ireland comes in second on the list — just behind those thirsty Australians, and well ahead of our neighbours in the UK… [Can’t see it properly?]Of course, the cost of living is a major factor here.Just because we spend so much on beer doesn’t necessarily mean we drink the most…No, we’re sixth on that particular list…[Can’t see it properly?]There are also some interesting stats on the price of beers in different countries…Most expensive versus least expensive:[Can’t see it properly?][Can’t see it properly?]The figures used by the site come from the Numbeo cost of living database and the Kirin Holdings report on global beer consumption (both pretty legit sources).The latest alcohol consumption figures from the OECD show Ireland is sixth in the group of 34 nations, with the average Irish adult consuming 11.6 litres per year, compared to the OECD average of 9.4.Sober Ireland: What’s it like to not drink in Ireland?Read: Ireland’s alcohol consumption in one handy infographiclast_img read more

Contraception zoom sur les différentes méthodes

first_imgContraception : zoom sur les différentes méthodes France – D’après le rapport de l’Inspection générale des affaires sociales, le système de contraception français est un échec. 72% des interruptions volontaires de grossesse sont réalisées sur des femmes sous contraceptifs. Les Françaises seraient-elles mal informées en ce qui concerne leur utilisation ? Petit rappel sur les différentes méthodes de contraception.La pilule est la méthode contraceptive la plus utilisée en France. Elle consiste en la prise d’un comprimé chaque jour, à heure fixe, durant vingt à vingt-et-un jours (tout dépend du type de pilule) suivie d’un arrêt de sept jours. Elle est prescrite sur ordonnance médicale et son prix varie de deux à douze euros. Au planning familial, la pilule est disponible gratuitement pour les mineurs et les non-assurés. L’oubli de pilule est très souvent la cause d’une IVG. C’est pour cela qu’il faut être très scrupuleuse si l’on choisit ce mode de contraception.  Il existe également des méthodes contraceptives qui s’utilisent lors du rapport : c’est le cas des préservatifs masculins et féminins. Ils protègent du VIH et des autres maladies sexuellement transmissibles (MST) et empêchant tous deux le passage des spermatozoïdes dans le vagin et donc, la fécondation. Il existe 3% d’échec avec ces méthodes, mais il est possible de les associer à un autre moyen de contraception comme le spermicide (crème ou ovule qui détruit les spermatozoïdes) ou la pilule. Le préservatif coûte au minimum vingt centimes et est disponible sans ordonnance. La cape cervicale et le diaphragme sont des moyens de contraception féminine réutilisables qui se placent dans le vagin et qui, associés au spermicide, empêchent le passage des spermatozoïdes. Elles doivent se garder huit heures après le rapport pour éviter la fécondation. Ces contraceptifs sont prescrits par un médecin et coûtent au minimum trente-trois euros. Le patch contraceptif peut être une bonne alternative pour celles qui oublient régulièrement leur pilule. Chaque semaine, elles devront coller sur leur peau un patch, et ce durant trois semaines. La quatrième semaine, l’absence de patch provoque l’apparition des règles. Les patchs sont délivrés sur ordonnance et coûtent une quinzaine d’euros. Seul bémol : ils ne sont pas remboursés. L’anneau vaginal s’utilise chaque mois, comme un tampon. Pendant trois semaines, il agit comme la pilule et la quatrième semaine, il est nécessaire de le retirer pour déclencher les règles. L’anneau est délivré sur ordonnance mais n’est pas remboursé. Son prix (environ quinze euros) reste élevé par rapport aux autres modes de contraception. Le stérilet n’est plus seulement réservé aux femmes ayant déjà eu des enfants. Désormais, les jeunes filles peuvent avoir recours à ce mode de contraception tout à fait adapté à leur corps. Il en existe deux types, au cuivre (30,5 euros) ou à la progestérone (125 euros), qui peuvent être gardés de quatre à dix ans dans l’organisme. Cette contraception est remboursée à 65% et est gratuite dans les plannings familiaux. La pose d’un implant sous cutané est réalisée par un médecin. L’efficacité de ce procédé dure trois ans, ce qui permet d’être sereine durant une assez longue période. Il est toujours possible de retirer l’implant dès qu’on le désire. Cette méthode est assez avantageuse, puisque, pour trois années de contraception, il faudra débourser 138 euros pris en charge à 65%. Enfin, en cas d’oubli ou d’absence de contraception, il est toujours possible d’utiliser la contraception d’urgence. Elle se présente sous forme d’une pilule unique à prendre jusqu’à 72 heures après le rapport sexuel. Il est important de la prendre le plus tôt possible car son efficacité diminue avec le temps. Elle est disponible en pharmacie avec ou sans ordonnance et coûte aux alentours de 7,60 euros. Cette contraception doit cependant rester occasionnelle et ne protège pas des MST.  Consulter un médecin pour trouver la méthode contraceptive la plus adaptée à son organisme et à son mode de vie s’avère être la solution la plus judicieuse pour éviter l’IVG.Le 13 février 2010 à 13:27 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more