Nova Scotia election roundup

first_imgHALIFAX – (NSElxn-NDP)Nova Scotia’s New Democrats say if they form government they’ll reinstate a film tax credit axed by the Liberal government two years ago.Leader Gary Burrill says one of his government’s early moves would be to re-establish a $23-million yearly film tax credit, with an additional $10 million in the first year.He says this would stabilize an industry that was “decimated” by the Liberals in the 2015 budget.Premier Stephen McNeil’s Liberals replaced the tax credit with an incentive fund, with this fiscal year’s budget set at $16.9 million.(The Canadian Press)—(NSElxn-Liberals-Mental-Health)The Liberals have put a figure on how much they’d commit to spend on improving mental health over the next four years in Nova Scotia.Premier Stephen McNeil says his government would target $34 million over four years to improve access to mental health services.He says that would be enough for 35 new mental health clinicians to be hired as part of the plan to work in collaborative health centres.They will be added to the 51 mental health clinicians to be hired through the expansion of the SchoolsPlus program announced in the proposed budget last month. (The Canadian Press)—(NSElxn-Tories)The Tories are pledging $729 million over seven years to twin four dangerous sections of 100 series highways in Nova Scotia.The work would be carried out on stretches of Highways 101, 103 and the 104.Work would also be done on a four-lane connector through Burnside in Halifax.Another $30 million would go to improve safety features on other sections of highways not being twinned.(The Canadian Press)—(NSElxn-NDP-Platform)NDP Leader Gary Burrill says his party’s platform will be released in about a week.Burrill reiterated Friday that he is willing to run a deficit to pump funding into areas such as health care and education.He wouldn’t offer up any possible deficit figures, but said funding for programs and departments will be “commensurate with the level of the problem.”Burrill says New Democrats feel dramatic investments are required.(The Canadian Press)—(N.S. Election Roundup by The Canadian Press)last_img read more

Sir John A Macdonalds silverware up for sale at Saskatoon antique shop

first_imgSASKATOON – A silverware set that belonged to Canada’s first prime minister is up for sale at a Saskatoon antique shop for the princely sum of $59,500.Chris Kinzel, owner of the Antique and Brass Shop, says he picked up the 52-piece set from a home outside of Saskatoon.He says half belonged to Sir John A. Macdonald and the other half belonged to Macdonald’s father.“It came from a family descendant,” says Kinzel. “Sir John A. had two different wives and his son probably moved out west and became premier of Manitoba and I believe that would be how it came out this far.”At first Kinzel was skeptical about whether the cutlery actually belonged to the founding father, but the family crests engraved on the handles were legitimate.Kinzel says he’s owned the set for about three years now and has tried to sell it before without any success.“I’ve had a few offers and you know we’re open to dickering because that’s the nature of the business,” Kinzel says. “Various museums would like it, but they’d want us to donate it and we’re not in the position to donate.”Kinzel says he would consider splitting up the set and says if it doesn’t sell, he’ll probably end up giving it to his children.(CTV Saskatoon)last_img read more

Cardiac program targets marital woes that can exacerbate health problems

first_imgThe bickering didn’t start until nearly 40 years of marriage.But it soon escalated so much that Doug and Bonnie Main wondered if they’d be married much longer.“She’d put something wrong in the dishwasher and I’d go in and change it. Just anything (started an argument) because we were so on edge,” recalls the 67-year-old Doug Main.“We were fighting a lot. We were wondering if even our marriage was breaking down. And this is just because we’re both anxious about the same thing.”Neither was willing to address the elephant in the room: Bonnie’s health was failing.After decades of heart problems, doctors said it was time to consider a transplant. Last year, the 67-year-old was put on a years-long waiting list and told to stay within three hours of the Ottawa Heart Institute.Doug eagerly stepped in to take on more domestic chores, and that’s when the arguments started.The couple needed help, and they found it last fall in a pilot project at the institute, which focuses on strengthening marriages and romantic partnerships.Healing Hearts Together is an educational program based on the groundbreaking work of Ottawa psychologist Sue Johnson, who says marital strife is a little discussed possible side-effect of serious health problems.“You can give people little booklets to take home when they’ve had a heart attack but the bottom line is, when they go home and they don’t know how to talk to each other and they start having enormous fights, well forget it,” says Johnson, whose book on marital bonds, “Hold Me Tight,” forms the basis of the program.“It makes no sense for us to pour money into giving people leaflets and … not give them anything at all to help them go home with their partner and learn how to face this problem together.”While support services are generally available to patients and caregivers individually, it’s rare to find something geared towards couples, says Johnson, who hopes to make Healing Hearts available to every cardiac program in North America.Johnson says survivors are much less likely to have a heart attack if they are in a strong relationship. The program’s approach to couples therapy has also been adapted to help people with Parkinson’s disease in Tennessee and diabetes in the Netherlands. She’d next like to see it help those with breast cancer.Relationships can change drastically after a traumatic health scare.Psychologist Heather Tulloch notes that patients are often put on new medication and encouraged to exercise, reduce stress and change their diet. It often falls on the spouse to make sure those things happen.“There’s a lot of role changes and testing of identities. And people cope differently,” says Tulloch.She says patients often want to get their affairs in order and worry about the burden placed on their spouse. The spouse, meanwhile, can be wracked by fear their partner will die.Doug Main knows that first hand.“You’re laying in bed and reach over and touch her to see if she’s still breathing. It’s really hard,” he says.“I watch her and say, ‘You sure you should be doing that?’ Because the doctor said don’t let her get over-tired because she has no reserves left in her heart, so you’re constantly (wondering): How far do I let her go? When do I intervene?… And of course I don’t want her to feel like an invalid.”Meanwhile, Bonnie Main felt unable to discuss her health fears freely, knowing that if she cried it would upset Doug even more.But his concern over her health was also hard to take.“I’ve always been one to do a lot — running with the kids here and there and everything — and for him suddenly to want to do the cooking for me and do everything for me, or say, ‘Don’t go up and down the stairs,’ you know, then I really felt confined.”Tulloch says that’s why a program like Healing Hearts is sorely needed.“The goal is to help them work better together, help them communicate better together, enhance that relationship so that if they are coping differently that we can get them back on the same page so that they can manage their health better.”last_img read more

Extraordinary fire situation with over 170 new fires started in BC official

first_imgKAMLOOPS, B.C. – Fire crews worked to save buildings and protect transportation routes Saturday after thousands of people were chased from their homes by wildfires that raged out of control across British Columbia’s central Interior.More than 180 fires were burning, many considered out of control, as the B.C. government declared a provincewide state of emergency to co-ordinate the crisis response. Officials said buildings have been destroyed, but they did not release numbers.The BC Wildfire Service says over 173 fires were reported on Friday alone as lightning storms rolled over several parts of B.C.Kevin Skrepnek, chief information officer for the service, said it was “an extraordinary day in terms of fire activity across the province.”“We’re focusing now on public safety, keeping these fires away from communities, protecting transportation routes, things like that,” he said in an interview on Saturday.John Rustad, minister of forests, lands and natural resource operations, said the province has been in contact with the federal government “in case there’s a situation where we believe we need to bring in additional resources, whether that’s through the military or other purposes.”He said Ottawa is ready to provide whatever help is needed.All of the province’s resources have been applied to the fires and they are making every effort to save lives, homes and infrastructure, Rustad said.On Saturday, 1,000 firefighters were battling the wildfires with an additional 600 people backing them up. Another 200 contractors were helping.“But that number is about to grow, likely dramatically in the next few days,” said Rustad. “We’ve deployed all of the staff that we have available.”He said 260 more firefighters were coming from other parts of Canada.The largest fires forced thousands from their homes in the communities of Ashcroft, Cache Creek, 100 Mile House, 105 Mile House, 108 Mile House and 150 Mile House. Three major fires near 100 Mile House, Cache Creek and the Williams Lake airport ranged in size from 14 to 20 square kilometres.Eight of the fires were threatening homes or other structures, said RustadJohn Ranta, mayor of Cache Creek and head of the Thompson-Nicola Regional District, said Friday that a fire burning between Ashcroft and Cache Creek destroyed dozens of buildings, including at least five houses, 30 trailer park homes and two hangars at a regional airport.On Saturday, Ranta said no further structures were lost overnight.“Things are looking at lot better here now,” he said.In Kamloops, a smoky haze covered the city, making it difficult to see the hills on either side of the Thompson River Valley. The area smelled of burning wood.Gordon Davis, manager of the emergency centre at McArthur Sports Centre in Kamloops, said more than 500 people had registered as of Friday.“A lot of them watched their homes burn down,” he said.“A lot of them don’t know if their homes are still there. That not knowing is stressful.”Some people who weren’t ordered to leave their homes were ready just in case.Gwen Dachsel waited in her home in Williams Lake on Saturday morning with the doors and windows shut, her car loaded with two bags of personal belongings.Dachsel, 72, said the roads leading out of her community have been closed in almost every direction and the fear of not knowing what to do is almost as frightening as the fires.“If we had to really leave town, I don’t know which way we would go,” she said in a phone interview. “If I saw a flame, then I would (feel trapped). Then, I would panic.”Dachsel, who has asthma, said her eyes stung and her breathing was heavy from smoke outside while she tried to water her plants. Her family photographs have been stored away in a fireproof safe, which Dachsel hopes will protect them if the house she has lived in for more than four decades goes up in flames.“It would be quite a traumatic experience, and for my daughters too,” Dachsel said. “It’s life that matters, so hopefully they can control these fires and things will be OK.”Mike Flannigan, the Director of Western Partnership for Wildland Fire Science, said the thunderstorms sweeping through the area brought little rain and set off fires with lightning strikes.The thunderstorms also create a lot of wind, which fans the flames, he said.“So this creates strong, shifting winds, which can be very dangerous for people and firefighters,” he said.“You really have to be on guard if there’s thunderstorms around, if you’re trying to do fire management.”Several highways have been closed because of fires, including in several spots along Highway 1 between Ashcroft and Cache Creek, south of Quesnel and through Savona.Theo Faber, a 39-year-old truck driver from Abbotsford was on his way to get some lumber north of Cache Creek on Friday when he found himself stuck in heavy smoke and fire.“My safest option was to keep going slowly,” he said. “Fortunately, everyone was moving through. The smoke was very thick. I could barely see through it. There was fire in the ditches on both sides of my vehicle.”Faber said he would have “perished” if he had reached the highway 15 minutes later than he did.“It was very scary,” he said.Premier-designate John Horgan described the situation in Interior communities like Cache Creek, Ashcroft and Williams Lake as “grave.”“The people already evacuated or facing evacuation, as well as our frontline firefighters and first responders, need to know everyone in the province is behind them,” he said in a statement.last_img read more

Nova Scotia thief steals thousands worth of old brightly coloured bills

first_imgNEW WATERFORD, N.S. – Police have asked Canadians to be on the lookout for old money, after thousands of dollars in vintage bills dating back to the 1950s were stolen from a Cape Breton home.The cash — bills in green, orange and other bright colours that have long been out of circulation — were taken from a New Waterford, N.S., residence between July 18 and Aug. 21.Police say the homeowners were away and returned to discover thousands of dollars had been stolen, including the vintage bills — mostly $20s, $50s and $100s.Cape Breton Regional Police released a photo of old-style notes on Friday and asked anyone who sees bills like them in circulation to contact them.“We want people to be aware of what it is that they’re looking for,” said police spokesperson Desiree Vassallo.“There’s probably a lot of people who haven’t seen bills from this time period, it was actually before I was even born. I myself haven’t seen these either except for these pictures.”She said the bills had not been simply stuffed between mattresses — they were collectibles passed down as a family heirloom.“We don’t think there’s anything that would prohibit somebody from actually spending it, but it would probably be on a case-by-case basis in terms of a retailer choosing to accept it or not,” she said.“If it did make its way through to a retailer, at that point the bank would likely take it out of circulation if they noticed it.”last_img read more

Be wary of virtue signalling push good policy instead Conservatives told

first_imgWINNIPEG – Don’t just oppose. Instead, propose.That’s the political plan ahead for the Conservatives this fall, and there’s a reason Opposition Leader Andrew Scheer is going to repeat it to his MPs a lot in the coming months.When the party hired Australian conservative strategist Brian Loughnane to review what went wrong for them in the 2015 election, one thing he told them was that they had failed to give people fresh reasons to keep voting for the party. In turn, Scheer made the need for positive policy a centrepiece of his leadership campaign.In pulling together the party’s fall strategy session this year, the party sought out Loughnane again, asking him to address the caucus at their retreat this week in Winnipeg. This time, it wasn’t for advice on what Conservatives did wrong, but how they can set things right.Loughnane spent 12 years directing the Australian Liberal party, which despite the name, is an ideological cousin to the Canadian Tories.He declined interviews, but those in the room say the message that enthralled MPs on Friday revolved around the volatility of the current political landscape.The old orthodoxies around politics — like governments get two terms, or that they’re voted out, not in — are a thing of the past, he suggested.Think the surprise results in Britain where people voted to leave the European Union. Or Donald Trump’s election as president of the United States. Neither were foreseen by pundits.Issues move people in an instant, the Tories heard, and what matters is what a party is offering when the voters swing their way.So while it has been easy for the Conservatives to go full throttle against a Liberal plan for changes to the tax code, there is only so far they can take the argument, suggested Daniel Hannan, a British conservative who helped lead the successful Leave campaign for Brexit.“It’s very, very easy when you’re in opposition to criticize and to find holes in everything that the government is doing,” he said ahead of his own briefing to the party’s caucus meeting.“And even if people agree with you on the issues where you’re doing that, simply reflecting people’s grievances back at them is not very attractive. You have to offer them a plausible, better, alternative.”Once they find that substance, politicians also have to be careful about how they frame it, he suggested.About a year before Brexit, a piece appeared in the Spectator, a British newspaper.It dissected at length the concept of “virtue signalling”, a concept understood as the practice of publicly expressing a sentiment in order to telegraph one’s own personal character.For example, some say that’s what thousands of people were doing when they dumped buckets of ice water over their heads to raise money for research into Lou Gehrig’s disease; it wasn’t about believing in that particular cause, but being seen via the requisite Facebook video of getting involved in the first place.The phrase has since taken hold in politics, used by both the right and left.In the political realm, the phrase has come to be a stand-in for challenging politicians on the motivation behind their statements.“Is politics about posturing, or is it about results?” said Hannan.That’s perhaps why, when foreign affairs critic Erin O’Toole accused the Liberals of virtue signalling when they seek to include gender, the environment and Indigenous issues into NAFTA, it appeared to get under the Liberals’ skin.The Liberals say they believe all three are key to economic growth, and while the Tories don’t necessarily disagree, they also don’t think they ought to be a main part of NAFTA.“What is ‘virtue signalling’ anyway? It sounds like it came from a bad grad school seminar,” Gerry Butts, the prime minister’s senior adviser, posted on Twitter after O’Toole made his remarks.But O’Toole was quick to point out Butts had used the expression himself before — suggesting the Conservatives had done it during the 2015 election campaign, though what explicitly he was referring to was unclear.Politicians of all stripes need to be wary of falling into the virtue-signalling trap, suggested Hannan.Take Trump. The way his critics go after him only serves to reinforce his supporters, he suggested.“If people stuck to his character flaws, and his inability to distinguish between private interests and public office, he’d be in trouble,” Hannan said,“But he’s saved by the virtue signalling of his opponents, who are much happier saying he’s a racist, sexist homophobe because it’s what makes them feel good. Swing voters block that out, it’s white noise.”last_img read more

Alberta boosts funding to Calgary veterinarian program cuts ties with WCVM

first_imgCALGARY – The Alberta government is bumping up funding for more spaces at the University of Calgary’s veterinary medicine program.Advanced Education Minister Marlin Schmidt says the province will reallocate $4.7 million per year to the Calgary program beginning in 2020.However, the move is accompanied by a decision to withdraw more than $8 million in annual funding to the Western College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon.The dean of WCVM, Douglas Freeman, says he is “deeply disappointed” with the move, saying it severs a 54-year-old partnership that began in 1963 when the Saskatoon institution was jointly established by the four western provinces.Freeman says losing that large chunk of funding beginning in 2020 will “certainly have an impact” on the WCVM’s programs and services.Alberta hopes to add 80 additional positions to the Calgary program by 2023, bringing its capacity to more than 200 veterinary students.“The University of Calgary’s veterinary program has grown into a world-renowned institution, and with this new funding we will now have the capacity to train all of our students right here in Alberta,” Schmidt said in a news release.“The partnership with the other provinces worked for many years, but by focusing our support on one Alberta-based program, we will achieve provincial cost savings and increase access. This will make life better for students, families, and communities.”Dru Marshall, academic vice-president at the University of Calgary, said the government investment cements the province’s support for the Alberta livestock industry.Freeman, meanwhile, said the WCVM will soldier on without Alberta’s participation.“One province’s decision doesn’t erase all that we have built and accomplished together in the past five decades,” he said. “The WCVM will continue to be Western Canada’s veterinary college, providing quality veterinary education, research and clinical expertise to the region. We will not let the loss of support from one partner jeopardize our college’s value to all western Canadians.”last_img read more

Southern Vancouver Islands first baby of 2018 born on laundry room floor

first_imgCENTRAL SAANICH, B.C. – The first baby born on southern Vancouver Island in 2018 made a dramatic entrance Monday, delivered on the floor of the family’s laundry room with her father’s help and coaching from a 911 dispatcher.Rob Tuit, 33, described the experience as “a blur” as he and his wife, Elaine Tuit, welcomed their second child early Jan. 1.Tuit said his wife began having contractions in their Victoria-area home early in the morning and he called for an ambulance at 4:43 a.m. after her water broke, as instructed by the couple’s doctor.He said he followed the emergency dispatcher’s directions, gathering towels and helping his wife lay on the floor in the laundry room, adjacent to the washroom where she had been standing.“I said, ‘Oh, I can see the crown of the head,’ and the dispatcher says, ‘OK, I’m going to walk you through this now.’ I wasn’t quite ready to hear those words,” Tuit said, laughing.Hallie Tuit was born minutes later at 4:53 a.m., weighing eight pounds four ounces.What made the experience especially neat was that it involved the whole family, Tuit said, adding that his two-year-old daughter Jorie watched the entire delivery while standing at her mother’s head.“I had my daughter bring me my running shoe so I could grab a lace out of it and tie off the umbilical cord,” he said. “Shortly after that the paramedics showed up.”Tuit added that the couple is “very pro hospital” and hadn’t planned to have a home birth.“We’re very fortunate there were no complications,” he said.The family lives in the Victoria-area community of Brentwood Bay. Tuit said his wife works for the provincial government and he is a firefighter, something he believes helped him stay calm during the surprise delivery.“I think it was just one of those things were instinct kicks in and you do what you have to do,” he said.Tuit said Monday’s delivery was very different than his first daughter’s birth, when his wife was in labour for 22 hours.British Columbia’s first baby of the new year was born in Surrey nine seconds after midnight.last_img read more

Tribunal rules against NL woman at centre of Scottish harassment scandal

first_imgST. JOHN’S, N.L. – A U.K. tribunal has rejected the claim of a Newfoundland-born woman who alleges she suffered a decade of harassment at her civil service office in Scotland — including once being taped to a chair.The Scottish Employment Tribunal ruled against DeeAnn Fitzpatrick’s complaints of a racist and misogynistic workplace culture at Marine Scotland’s office in Scrabster.Fitzpatrick, a fisheries officer originally from Bell Island, N.L., claims co-workers mocked her for having a miscarriage, used racist language, and threatened female staff members.A photo published by the BBC in May showed Fitzpatrick taped to a chair with tape over her mouth — an incident she claims was a response from two male co-workers for “[speaking] out against the boys.”The photo prompted an outcry in the U.K., but it and much of her evidence was ruled inadmissible as too dated and her claim was ultimately rejected.Fitzpatrick, who has been on leave from her job since last year, said Thursday she and her lawyers are now considering an appeal.“A lot of people have asked me if I want to go back to my job and the response is yes. That’s my professional career, it’s in tatters at the moment because of what other people have done, not because of what I’ve done,” Fitzpatrick said.“Why should I leave something that I’ve done well at because other people are trying to hide the fact that they’re bullies?”Fitzpatrick said she became a target when she reported two men to her union after witnessing their threatening behaviour towards another female colleague.“It’s horrifying that you’re in that situation and you’re stuck in that situation because the area that I’m at, it’s very difficult to find work.”A statement from her family says they are “hugely disappointed” by the result, although they are not surprised, given a judge had decided older evidence would not be allowed.The family’s statement says the tribunal highlighted that the human resources department could have been more proactive in dealing with the matter by launching an investigation, questioning staff and reminding staff that such matters might be regarded as grounds for disciplinary action.The restrictions ruled out any evidence older than three months to the date of complaint, so the tribunal case focused on eight cards with threatening and insulting messages that Fitzpatrick received at home in 2017 while on leave.The tribunal ruled against Fitzpatrick’s case because the people who wrote the cards could not be specifically identified or linked to people from her workplace.But Fitzpatrick said she and other colleagues think the cards were likely written by people from work — two cards used insulting nicknames particular to her office, including one calling her a troll.Others included misogynistic language, one referred to a poem her alleged harassers wrote about her after a promotion, and another depicted her with male genitalia.After the photo went viral, Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said she was “absolutely horrified,” and ordered a review of Fitzpatrick’s case.“Bullying, abuse, sexism, racism, have no place in any workplace, and let me be very clear today, they will not be tolerated within the Scottish government and within our agencies,” Sturgeon told Scottish Parliament in May.Fitzpatrick said a report on the review is due soon.“I’ll only feel positive once the outcome of the result of the investigation, that they find there was harm done, what was done was highly inappropriate, and measures are put in place to ensure that it never happens again,” she said.Fitzpatrick also wants an investigation into all the events she’s reported, not just a select few such as the cards or the incident with the chair.“That’s not how you treat women, that’s not how you treat anybody,” Fitzpatrick said Thursday.last_img read more

US presidential candidate Bernie Sanders joins group seeking cheaper insulin in Canada

first_imgWINDSOR, Ont. — U.S. presidential candidate Bernie Sanders says he will be joining a group of diabetics to buy cheaper insulin in Ontario on Sunday.The Vermont senator tweeted that the high cost for insulin has put the lives of American diabetics at risk and he will be joining the group in Windsor, Ont., as they purchase the vials for a fraction of the price.Typically, a vial of insulin Type 1 diabetics need to regulate their blood sugar costs about US$340 in the United States, roughly 10 times the price in Canada.Sanders has long targeted pharmaceutical companies for the cost of prescription drugs, and he made a similar medication trip to Canada in 1999.Multiple trips from Americans heading to Canada for cheaper insulin has raised concerns about its supply in Canada, despite insulin tourism being relatively small scale.A recent letter from 15 groups representing patients, health professionals, hospitals, and pharmacists urges the federal government to safeguard the Canadian drug supply. The Canadian Presslast_img read more

Sting To Join Paul Simon At Charity Concert

first_imgSting, Trudie Styler, Steve Martin, Ruben Blades, and Luba Mason have joined previously announced stars Stevie Wonder, James Taylor, Tina Fey, Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson, Amy Grant, and Vince Gill, for a benefit concert that showcases some of America’s most talented families.Paul Simon will also take the stage, alongside wife Edie Brickell at this once-in-a-lifetime evening. The benefit marks the 25th anniversary milestone of the Children’s Health Fund, co-founded by Paul Simon and pediatrician Irwin Redlener, MD.A limited number of tickets to the October 4th fete at Radio City Music Hall will also be available to the public and can be purchased through Ticketmaster outlets and the Radio City Box office.“American Idol” creator Simon Fuller will be honored by Children’s Health Fund with a Founders’ Award.Over the past 25 years, Children’s Health Fund has expanded nationwide to become the primary source of medical care for thousands of homeless and low-income families and now has 25 programs operating in 17 states and Washington, DC.Tickets range from $125-$1000. Click here for more info.last_img read more

DeSean Jackson Documentary Screening To Benefit Charity

first_img#10 DeSean Jackson: The Making of a Father’s Dream, the documentary by Jackson’s brother Byron Jackson and Hollywood Director Kern Konwiser will screen Wednesday, July 17 at the Horizon Casino & Resort, during the 24th American Century Celebrity Championship Tournament in Lake Tahoe, Nevada.The multicultural film with universal themes presented by Wright Enterprises and LaHitz Media as an encore of the San Francisco Black Film Festival benefits the Boys & Girls Club of Lake Tahoe and the academic arm of SportsRhythms.“There’s a lot of excitement during the Celebrity Golf Tournament; so we are pleased the documentary about DeSean Jackson will be screened to give visibility to the Boys & Girls Club to garner support for their on-going work,” said Jackie Wright, President Wright Enterprises. “It’s also a great opportunity for media and celebrities to find out about the Boys & Girls Club Lake Tahoe Golf Classic, October 17, 2013 at Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course.”The benefit screening demonstrates the power of the entertainment industry to do good in the world,” said Jacquie Taliaferro, San Francisco Filmmaker and founder of LaHitz Media. Invited (unconfirmed) guests include: Ray Allen, Charles Barkley, Jerome Bettis, Chris Chandler, Stephen Curry, David Justice, John Elway, Anthony Anderson, Michael Phelps, Dan Quinn, Ahmad Rashad, Alfonso Ribeiro, Jerry Rice, Mark Rypien, Billy Joe Tolliver, Brian Williams, Gary Williams and other celebrity golfers and media.“Our film is about more than football. The key principles of the documentary can be used to strive for excellence in science and technology, arts, business, and many other disciplines,” said Jackson, a filmmaker and Fox Sports Nets editor. “We are pleased to raise awareness for the Boys & Girls Club.”The Media and Celebrity Screening of “#10 DeSean Jackson: The Making of a Father’s Dream” will be from 5:00 p.m.-7:00 p.m. at the Horizon Casino and Resort, 50 Hwy, 50 Stateline, NV 89449. See the Invitation here.last_img read more

Angel Awards To Honor Jane Lynch This Weekend

first_imgProject Angel Food has released new details regarding its upcoming Angel Awards this Saturday, August 10th in Hollywood.Guests at this year’s gathering will be treated to a special appearance by the organization’s founder, Marianne Williamson, as she presents award-winning actress Jane Lynch with the appropriately named Marianne Williamson Founder Award. The evening’s other honoree, celebrity chef and Food Network star, Giada De Laurentiis, will receive the organization’s inaugural Iconic Chef Award from actress Bryce Dallas Howard. Howard knows firsthand just how extraordinary De Laurentiis is in the kitchen as one of De Laurentiis’ first jobs after cooking school was working as the Howard family’s personal chef.On behalf of the Los Angeles City Council, Councilmember Tom LaBonge will be on hand to present each honoree with a special proclamation saluting their individual achievements. Angel Awards traditionally honor corporate and community leaders, whose support of Project Angel Food and its mission to feed men, women and children affected by life-threatening illnesses, has been significant; Angel Awards also serve as a platform to recognize individuals who have contributed to the greater good of our community on behalf of our neighbors in need.The al fresco event, held in Project Angel Food’s “backyard” (at 922 Vine Street, Hollywood, CA 90038), will begin at 6:00PM with cocktails and a silent auction set to the musical stylings of The Harvard Yardbirds, Harvard’s acclaimed alumni a cappella group. Dinner featuring produce from the Project Angel Food community gardens will follow at 7:30PM, having been expertly prepared in the organization’s own kitchen. The evening will round out with the awards presentation and the always popular live auction which will be conducted by recent Emmy-nominee Dan Bucatinsky from ABC’s “Scandal” and Project Angel Food’s newly appointed CEO Laurie Lang.Tickets for Angel Awards 2013 may be purchased online from Project Angel Food’s website at through 12:00PM on Friday, August 9th. Money raised from the event will fund the cooking and delivery of life-sustaining meals for men, women and children struggling with HIV/AIDS, cancer and other life threatening illnesses throughout Los Angeles County. Thanks to devoted volunteers, who work under the guidance of professional staff, Project Angel Food provides 600,000 meals a year to those in need.Project Angel Food would like to thank its Angel Awards 2013 event sponsors: Wells Fargo Bank; 20th Century Fox; The Cimarron Group; FOX Broadcasting; Hersh, Mannis & Bogen, LLP; Warner Bros.; and product sponsors: Brown-Forman Beverages; el Jimador Tequila; FlatRate Moving; Finlandia; Jack Daniels; Icelandic Glacial Water; Premio Brands USA; and Viva Diva Wines.last_img read more

Jack Johnson And Journey Donate To Typhoon Haiyan Relief

first_imgJack Johnson and classic rockers Journey are the latest stars to step up for victims of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines.Jack is donating $10,000 to four organizations working hard to provide food, water, medicine and on-the-ground support for relief and recovery efforts in the Philippines, where millions of people have been impacted. Jack is encouraging fans to support relief efforts in any way they can. GlobalGiving – Super Typhoon Haiyan Relief Fund will help first responders meet immediate needs for food, fuel, clean water, and shelter. Once initial relief work is complete, this fund will support longer-term efforts run by local organizations. Waves For Water – Super Typhoon Haiyan Relief is initially focused on providing clean water and 200 water filtration systems, then will expand into longer term solutions such as rain-water harvesting systems at schools and medical clinics. U.S. Fund for UNICEF – Emergency Response in Philippines is mobilizing resources in the Philippines to reach children immediately. Staff are delivering aid and airlifting water purification tablets, medical kits, nutrition supplements and other essential goods. Direct Relief International – Typhoon Haiyan Emergency Response is airlifting medical shipments for health facilities critically-low on supplies such as antibiotics and medications and will send on-the-ground staff to further assess health needs.Manila native and Journey lead singer Arnel Pineda has announced that he, Journey and their team – promoter Live Nation Entertainment; Creative Artists Agency (CAA); and Manager John Baruck – are donating more than $350,000 USD to provide emergency food relief to people impacted by the recent super typhoon in the Philippines. These initial funds will help the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) provide Filipinos in urgent need of food assistance with more than 1.4 million meals.“Don’t stop believing, help is on the way for the people of the Philippines,” said Arnel Pineda, who is leading the efforts to mobilize the coalition of partners. Pineda, based in Manila, plans to meet with World Food Programme’s Executive Director Ertharin Cousin Saturday at WFP’s Philippines headquarters in Manila to announce the donation.The largest storm to ever make landfall, Super Typhoon Haiyan caused catastrophic damage, with more than 615,000 people displaced. When disaster strikes and hours can mean the difference between life and death, the UN World Food Programme is among the first on the ground to provide life-saving assistance.Journey is calling on fans to join them and make urgent donations to support life-saving food relief for millions of Filipinos. Donations can be made at or by texting the word AID to 27722 to instantly donate $10.WFP’s efforts will ensure that 2.5 million people receive food, logistics and emergency telecommunications over the next six months. More than 170,000 people have received WFP rice rations to date, as part of family food packs from WFP handed out by the Department of Social Welfare and Development. Aid is also beginning to reach more remote locations, with distributions of High Energy Biscuits made in 20 communities on Friday. Life-saving HEBs are used in emergencies because they are nutritious, light to transport and need no cooking.“We’re honored to have Journey’s support and Arnel Pineda’s leadership on this incredible donation for WFP’s emergency relief in the Philippines,” said Hunter Biden, Board Chair of World Food Program USA. “Their support is going to make a real difference for so many Filipino children and families in need.”WFP crosses the world’s toughest terrain to get food to the people who need it most, no matter what it takes. As the largest humanitarian organization in the world, WFP feeds more than 97 million people in 80 countries last year. Funded entirely by voluntary donations, WFP counts on ongoing support to be able to provide food where and when it is needed most.last_img read more

Michael Buble And Kenny Rogers To Perform At Celebrity Fight Night

first_imgCelebrity Fight Night, one of the nation’s most impactful charity events held each year in honor of featured guest Muhammad Ali, will mark its 20th anniversary on Saturday, April 12 at JW Marriott Desert Ridge Resort & Spa in Phoenix.Joining Ali for this special milestone will be memorable performances from Michael Buble, The Band Perry and Kenny Rogers. A significant beneficiary of Celebrity Fight Night is the Muhammad Ali Parkinson Center at Barrow Neurological Institute, offering the most comprehensive Parkinson’s Center in the country.International superstar Michael Bublé has won four Grammy Awards and multiple Juno Awards. With four No.1 albums on the Billboard 200 topping the charts for five weeks, he has become an international favorite. Additionally, guests will have the chance to bid on a live auction package to enjoy a private dinner with Bublé.The legendary Kenny Rogers, a Country Music Hall of Fame member, has sold more than 100 million records worldwide. He has been voted “Favorite Singer of All Time” by USA Today and People. Rogers was the first musical performer ever at Celebrity Fight Night in 1996.Joining Bublé and Rogers on the stage will be a high energy performance from Grammy-Award winning country music group, The Band Perry; along with other surprise guests.“We’re honored to have these stars join us for this special 20th anniversary of Celebrity Fight Night,” said Jimmy Walker, founder of Celebrity Fight Night and close friend of Ali. “Over the years, so many memorable moments have occurred and we look forward to what April 12th brings.”During the gala, Bublé, entertainment icon Robert De Niro as well as philanthropist John Paul DeJoria will be honored with Muhammad Ali Celebrity Fight Night Awards. Billy Crystal will make a special introduction for De Niro; and Bobby Kennedy, Jr. will introduce DeJoria. These awards acknowledge leaders in the sports, business or entertainment community who have achieved extraordinary accomplishments and have been instrumental in giving back to charity – key attributes Ali has long been known for.Celebrity Fight Night premiered in the Valley in 1994 when local celebrities donned oversized boxing gloves for a comedic fight in the ring before 400 attendees. Today, more than 1,200 guests attend the event to accompany Muhammad Ali and other A-List celebrities. Celebrity Fight Night no longer features celebrity boxing, but by attending the event and bidding on live and silent auction items, each guest does their part to join Ali in winning the fight for charities.“There are so many amazing moments that have taken place over the years,” said Sean Currie, executive director of Celebrity Fight Night. “One of my favorite memories was when Jim Carrey and Robin Williams did an impromptu comedic performance from their seats before the beginning of the show eight years ago. Of course who can forget when 300 women in the audience joined Kelly Clarkson during her closing song onstage; or the live auction package featuring dinner and concert with Andrea Bocelli in Tuscany that sold for $1.4 million. We look forward to a successful night of fundraising and more once-in-a-lifetime memories.”Grammy Award-winning leading lady of country music, Reba McEntire will also join featured guest Muhammad Ali at the star-studded gala. McEntire will return as the evening’s emcee for her ninth consecutive year. Also returning will be 16-time Grammy Award-winning songwriter and producer, David Foster who will serve as Musical Director for his 15th year.Over the past 19 years, Celebrity Fight Night has raised $87 million for the Muhammad Ali Parkinson Center and other charities. At the personal request of Andrea Bocelli, Celebrity Fight Night is expanding globally. September 2014 will mark the first time the event will take place outside of Phoenix in Florence, Italy.Celebrities and professional athletes from around the U.S. join Muhammad Ali each year in Phoenix for this celebrity-filled night complete with live auction items and musical performances by many of today’s brightest stars. Previous guests have included Andrea Bocelli, Jennifer Lopez, Tom Hanks, Halle Berry, Billy Crystal, Kevin Costner, Garth Brooks, Matchbox Twenty, Kelly Clarkson, Jon Bon Jovi, Robin Williams, Rascal Flatts, Jim Carrey, Larry King, Donald Trump, Celine Dion, Faith Hill, Randy Jackson, Sharon Stone, Lionel Richie, Bo Derek, Rod Stewart, Michael Buble, Josh Groban, John Mellencamp, Chris Tucker, Forest Whitaker, Arnold Schwarzenegger and many more.Individual tickets range from $1,500 to $10,000 each and tables of 10 are priced from $15,000 to $100,000 each. For reservations, please call (602) 956-1121.Celebrity Fight Night XX sponsors include USA Today Sports, Patrón, GoDaddy, PRO EM, and M Group Scenic Studios.Find out more about the event here.last_img read more

Be A Bruce With Monty Python For Charity

first_imgA new charity auction is giving you a chance to be a “Bruce” with Monty Python!Video: A Once in Lifetime “Selfie” – Monty Python’s “Charity Bruce”The lucky winner of this prize will get the opportunity to rub shoulders with the much loved stars of Monty Python and enjoy a guest appearance during their fantastic Monty Python Live (mostly) show at the O2 Arena on Friday18th July 2014. You will feature in The Bruces sketch as a “Bruce” and be on stage with one of the world’s finest ever comedy groups; this really is a money can’t buy prize.All proceeds from the auction will go to music therapy charity Nordoff Robbins.The five surviving members of the comedy group – John Cleese, Terry Gilliam, Terry Jones, Eric Idle and Michael Palin – have reunited for the last ever time for a run of 10 live shows at London’s O2 Arena. This will be the first time they have performed together live on stage since 1980, at the Hollywood Bowl, and 40 years after they last appeared on stage in the UK, at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane. The show will see a combination of new material and fan favourites and you can be a part of it.This truly is a unique and unforgettable experience, so make sure you bid now to join the stars of Monty Python in the most hotly anticipated comedy tour of 2014. The prize winner will also be given two tickets to the show, so you can bring a guest who will have the chance to only enjoy this fantastic show but also witness you take to the stage!To take part in the auction, click here.last_img read more

Princess Grace Awards Gala To Return To Los Angeles

first_imgThe upcoming Princess Grace Awards Gala on October 8th will mark a milestone in the Foundation’s history, returning to Los Angeles for the first time in nearly three decades.Gala Co-Chairs, Honorary Consul of Monaco in Los Angeles Dick Wolf and his wife Noelle and Chairman/CEO of The Walt Disney Company, Bob Iger and his wife Willow Bay will be joined by President/Chief Executive of Dior Couture, Sidney Toledano and his wife Katia to kick off a three-year partnership with the iconic design house, who will serve as the sole presenting sponsor for upcoming Awards Galas in Los Angeles, Monaco and New York.Dior will play a vital role in taking guests on a three-year journey following Grace Kelly’s life as an artist – from Hollywood to Monaco (as the Gala will be held in Beverly Hills and Monte Carlo in 2014 and 2015 respectively) and then back to NYC in 2016 where Dior Haute Couture will help celebrate the 34th anniversary of the Princess Grace Foundation-USA.Held in the presence of Their Serene Highnesses, The Prince and The Princess of Monaco, the 2014 Awards Gala will recognize this year’s Princess Grace Award winners and Prince Rainier III Honoree.“It is our pleasure to welcome Dior Haute Couture into our artistic family,” Toby Boshak, Executive Director of the Princess Grace Foundation-USA said. “We are delighted to be working with the House of Dior whose long-standing relationship with the Princely Family of Monaco is celebrated by this new collaboration. Dior’s dedication to artistic excellence parallels our own mission of supporting emerging talent, and we look forward to a spirited and inspiring partnership.”Sidney Toledano said, “Our partnership with the Princess Grace Foundation-USA is deeply rooted in history and mutual admiration between the Princely family of Monaco and the House of Dior. We both share the same pursuit of artistic excellence and are honored to be a part of recognizing the artistry of Princess Grace Award winners in theater, dance, and film.”In addition to the co-chairs, the host committee dedicating their leadership support includes: Mikhail Baryshnikov, Brad & Colleen Bell, Linda & Jerry Bruckheimer, Ron Burkle, Tina & Rick Caruso, Jennifer Grant, Barbara Grant Jaynes & David Jaynes, Sherry Lansing & William Friedkin, Marc & Jane Nathanson, Mandy Patinkin, Cecilia Peck-Voll & Daniel Voll, Lisa & Richard Plepler, Tawny & Jerry Sanders, Eric & Wendy Schmidt, Barbara Sinatra, Cicely Tyson, Andrea & John Van de Kamp, Denzel & Pauletta Washington and Reese Witherspoon & Jim Toth.Find out more here.Source:PR Newswirelast_img read more

Bill And Melinda Gates To Be Honored By Helen Keller International

first_imgHelen Keller International, a leading global nonprofit dedicated to fighting the causes and consequences of preventable blindness and malnutrition, will celebrate its Centennial Anniversary with the 2015 Spirit of Helen Keller Gala.This special evening will honor Bill and Melinda Gates with the 2015 Spirit of Helen Keller Award for their transformational leadership, efforts in reducing hunger, and focus on empowering women. Dr. David Nabarro will be honored with the 2015 Helen Keller Humanitarian Award in recognition of his tireless efforts to position malnutrition as a central issue within the development dialogue, and to ensure an effective response to the recent Ebola crisis in West Africa.Expected to attend are Honoree Melinda Gates along with Centennial Challenge Chair, Kate Ganz, Gala Co-Chairs, Karin & Henry Barkhorn, Brooks Betts and Desmond G. FitzGerald, Gala Steering Committee, Jennifer A. Buda, Mary Lindley Burton, Mary F. Crawford Dana & Greg Feller, Beverly Orthwein, Bradford Perkins, Bernirene Ramos & James H. Simmons III, Daniel, Carol Sisler, H. Mitchell Watson, Jr. and more…Helen Keller International was founded in November 1915 by a then 35 year old Helen Keller, already a renowned advocate for the disabled, and George Kessler, a wealthy New York City wine merchant who survived the sinking of the Lusitania, to help soldiers blinded during World War I. Today, nearly 300 million people benefit from Helen Keller International’s 180 programs in 21 African and Asian countries, as well as in the United States.Helen Keller International is dedicated to saving the sight and lives of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged. They combat the causes and consequences of blindness and malnutrition by establishing programs based on evidence and research in vision, health and nutrition. Visit for more information.WHEN: Monday, May 18, 2015WHERE: The New York Public Library Fifth Avenue at 42nd Streetlast_img read more

The Vamps Hang Out With Kittens

first_imgSnuggling up to a pair of rescued kittens, The Vamps’ lead guitarist, James McVey, stars in a new campaign for peta2 — PETA’s youth division — that proclaims, “Save a Life: Adopt — Don’t Shop!”The Vamps’ James McVey Poses For PETAThe ad, which was shot by top celebrity photographer Ruth Rose, goes on stress the importance of adopting homeless animals from shelters and never buying them from breeders or pet stores.Video: James McVey plays with KITTENS!! – The Vamps Takeover“There are millions of animals already in shelters—kittens … puppies, dogs, a variety of animals,” says McVey. “So go to a shelter, adopt, and save a life!”Every year, millions of dogs and cats end up in animal shelters, and many of them have to be euthanized simply because there aren’t enough good homes for them. Every time someone buys a kitten or a puppy from a breeder or a pet store, a dog or a cat in a shelter loses his or her chance at finding a home. That’s why McVey and peta2 — whose motto reads, in part, that “animals are not ours to abuse in any way” — encourage anyone who’s thinking of adding an animal to his or her family to visit a local shelter or rescue group.McVey joins a long list of musicians — including Fifth Harmony, Little Mix, Pink, Sia, Ke$ha, and many others — who have teamed up with peta2 to promote kindness to animals.last_img read more

A Love Letter From Earth To Paris

first_imgEarth to Paris, a coalition of global partners driving awareness about the connection between people and planet, on Monday released a high impact video promoting the global #EarthToParis movement that took place on 7 December, 2015, in Paris.Video: A Love Letter from #EarthToParis – Narrated by Morgan FreemanNarrated by Morgan Freeman, the video serves as a crowdsourced love letter from Earth to Paris for world leaders to take action on climate change.“Allegro Prestissimo,” performed by Yo-Yo Ma and Bobby McFerrin courtesy of Sony Music Entertainment, plays as the vibrant video reveals several famous #EarthtoParis supporters such as Richard Branson, Gisele Bündchen, Kid President (Robby Novak), Pharrell Williams, Cameron Russell, Ram Dass, Jack Black and many more. The video also includes an assortment of people from around the world who have sent video messages to their world leaders.In the video, Freeman (as the Earth) reads, “Dear Paris, there is no voice more beautiful than the voice of the world speaking as one, and the world has spoken. This is about all of us — everything we know, everyone we love, and our survival.”This video follows the first Earth To Paris anthem video which received over 6 million views in its first week.The Earth To Paris coalition invites people everywhere to unite their voices this week for bold climate action so that Earth’s voice is heard during the negotiations at the United Nations Climate Summit—COP21. Earth To Paris kicked off 7 December at 12:00 am CET with a 36-hour global digital surge of Twitter chats, Google Hangouts, and locally hosted watch parties and digital events in at least 19 countries across all six inhabited continents.The Earth To Paris Coalition consists of more than 110 partners — including the City of Paris, Facebook, Swarovski and Twitter — with a social reach of over 200 million individuals globally.last_img read more