Alberta’s economic slowdown steering more people to B.C.: Business Council of B.C.

first_imgFORT ST. JOHN, B.C. — We now have data confirming that more people are moving to B.C. while there’s a dramatic reduction in the number headed to Alberta.In this area, despite the increase in northeast regional unemployment resulting from the downturn in oil and gas industry activity, the situation is still better than it is in many areas across the border.- Advertisement -However, the situation would improve considerably in both provinces if the opponents could be silenced, and pipeline and other mega projects cleared to go forward.Ironically, while not totally on opposite pages, two of the biggest unions in the country are now caught up in this controversy, thanks to the proposed Kinder Morgan expansion of the TransMountain Pipeline.The BC Government and Service Employees Union, which opposes the project, is at odds with the United Steel Workers Union, which supports it.Steve Hunt is the Western Region Director of the Steel Workers and Paul Finch the Treasurer of the BCGEU and in that order here’s how they briefly addressed, what is arguably the key premise at issue: “It’s the mandate of organized labor to promote employment.”Advertisementlast_img read more