All $400K raised for Good Samaritan homeless veteran is gone, attorney says

first_imgABC News(PHILADELPHIA) — The attorney representing a homeless veteran at the center of a battle over a $400,000 fundraiser in his name says all of the money raised is now gone.Christopher Fallon, who is representing 35-year-old Marine Corps veteran Johnny Bobbitt, told reporters that he found out the money was gone during a conference call Tuesday morning with attorneys for Kate McClure, 28, and Mark D’Amico, 39, the couple who set out to help Bobbitt last year, ABC Philadelphia station WPVI-TV reported.McClure created a GoFundMe account to thank Bobbitt for his kindness after he used his last $20 to buy her gas when she broke down on Interstate 95 near Philadelphia, sharing his story to prompt more than 14,000 people to donate to the fund.On Aug. 30, New Jersey Superior Court Judge Paula Dow ordered the couple to return the remainder of the funds to Bobbitt’s attorneys after Bobbitt requested a temporary restraining order that would bar the couple from spending any more of it.At the time, the amount left was in dispute. Fallon estimated during Thursday’s hearing that more than $250,000 should be left, but during an appearance on “Today” on Aug. 27, McClure and D’Amico told Megyn Kelly that about $150,000 was left.The couple used a portion of the money to buy a 1999 Ford Ranger and a trailer for Bobbitt — both of which they placed in their names, according to a lawsuit filed against the couple.Bobbitt is “completely devastated” that “there is no money left,” Fallon said, according to“Where the money went, I have no idea,” Fallon said.GoFundMe announced Tuesday that it was working to ensure that Bobbitt “receives all of the funds raised on his behalf.”The company is assisting law enforcement in the investigating into the funds and has placed $20,000 in a bank account created by Bobbitt’s attorneys to “provide assistance during the investigation.”“It’s important to remember that our platform is backed by the GoFundMe Guarantee, which means that in the rare case that GoFundMe, law enforcement or a user finds campaigns are misused, donors and beneficiaries are protected,” GoFundMe said in a statement.Ernest Badway, the attorney representing the couple, told ABC News that they have no comment. ABC News could not immediately reach Fallon for comment.Bobbitt’s attorneys filed a lawsuit against the couple last week, claiming that the couple was committing fraud by spending the money on themselves.During Thursday’s hearing, Badway said he and the couple were preparing accounting to “show where the money went.”Bobbitt, who is back on the street, alleged in an interview with WPVI-TV last week that McClure and D’Amico used thousands of dollars to go on lavish trips, shopping sprees and gambling.Since creating the GoFundMe account on Nov. 10, McClure, an administrative assistant in New Jersey, has posted online footage that included spending New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas, taking helicopter rides through the Grand Canyon, and multiple trips to New York City, including front row tickets to “The Book of Mormon,” WPVI-TV reported.“Please don’t rush to judgment,” Badway said in court Aug. 30, adding that McClure and D’Amico had received death threats. “When you see it, the numbers that we’re talking about are not that far off.”Bobbitt said he hesitated to retain an attorney at first because he did not want to “seem ungrateful.”“I wish it didn’t come to this,” Bobbitt WPVI-TV. “I hate that it came to this.”The couple missed the Friday afternoon deadline to transfer the money, The Philadelphia Inquirer reported.A hearing in New Jersey Superior Court is expected to take place Wednesday, according to WPVI-TV.Copyright © 2018, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.last_img read more

Former Suns player Matt Barnes calls Robert Sarver the ‘worst owner in the NBA’

first_imgThe decision has been criticized by many, but one voice prominently stood out. Former NBA player Matt Barnes, who played one season with the Suns from 2008-09, voiced his thoughts on social media shortly after the decision was made official. Barnes had some strong criticism toward the team’s owner, Robert Sarver.NBA PLAYOFFS: Full bracket, dates, times, TV channels for every seriesCoaching isn’t the problem w the @Suns the owner is! Sarver is the worst owner in the NBA.. Do that great city of phnx a solid & sell the team, they deserve a winner! You’re wasting Devin Bookers career— Matt Barnes (@Matt_Barnes22) April 23, 2019Barnes makes a great point with his last thought there.Devin Booker is only 22 years old, and he’s now about to have his fifth head coach in the NBA (Jeff Hornacek, Earl Watson, Jay Triano, Kokoskov). How is any young superstar supposed to grow while he’s constantly having to adjust to new management and coaching? But while Barnes isn’t alone in his thoughts about Sarver, it’s worth noting these two have a history. In 2015 Barnes bluntly said about the Suns owner, “We don’t like each other. He didn’t like me when I was there and I didn’t like him when I was there, so it is what it is.”MORE: Suns’ front office has some explaining to do… again In 2015, Barnes was fined $25,000 by the NBA for using “inappropriate language to a fan.” However, Barnes claimed it wasn’t a “fan” he was talking to, but rather Sarver. Barnes said Sarver was baiting him by cursing at him from the sidelines, so Barnes responded and ended up paying the price.Several others, however, have pointed out how Sarver is ruining the Suns with his decisions.Seems like a good time to remind everyone that Igor Kokoskov was Luka Doncic’s Slovenia coach and the Suns had the top pick in the draft and passed on Doncic, the absolute no-brainer No. 1 prospect, because Robert Sarver had ties to the University of Arizona.And now Igor is out— Jeff Siegel (@jgsiegel) April 23, 2019This Suns news should be shocking, yet it’s not because this is Robert Sarver we’re talking about here. Looking forward to discussing the #BrightFutureSuns on Tuesday’s @ringer NBA Show with @ChrisVernonShow.— Kevin O’Connor (@KevinOConnorNBA) April 23, 2019The Suns stated their search for a new coach begins immediately. The Suns fired coach Igor Kokoskov after just one season with the team. “After extensive evaluation, I determined it is best to move in a different direction with our head coaching position,” Suns general manager James Jones said in a team statement issued late Monday night. “I want to thank Igor for his work this past season and wish him the best with his future endeavors.”last_img read more

A lonely Premier League title for Liverpool will be ‘odd,’ but so much better than a ‘null and void’ season

first_imgAll of Liverpool has waited for this moment for 30 years. OK, not all of Liverpool, but the biggest part, the portion of the city that prefers red to blue and considers Anfield to be sacred ground. These people waited three decades for their return to the very top of English soccer and maybe were just a few days away as March dawned.And then the world stopped. Cold. OK, not all the world, but most of it, and certainly everything of consequence in regard to sport. The COVID-19 pandemic shut down the Premier League officially as of March 13. LFC’s derby game against Everton, which was scheduled three days later and might have contained the opportunity for Liverpool to clinch its first EPL title, was placed on hold. The ecstasy that will result from Liverpool’s trophy ceremony, whenever it arrives, ordinarily would be a massively collective enterprise. There would be the three dozen on the field comprising players and staff, but also 51,000 in the stands if it were to happen at Anfield. And then, in the immediate aftermath, probably a few hundred thousand flooding the streets. We saw last June what it looks like when Liverpool wins something big; the Reds’ sixth Champions League title compelled a parade the BBC estimated as drawing 750,000 to the city’s streets.The club’s fan base spreads far beyond the walls of the stadium, even well beyond the city’s or nation’s borders. The Liverpool Football Club discussion group on Facebook contains recent comments from fans located in Pakistan, Malaysia, Northern Ireland and Ghana. Oddly, their experience of reveling from afar will be universal in 2020. Within the confines of those 90 minutes (plus injury time), they’ll be as close to the action as the lifers who usually jam into the Kop.“It won’t have the same feeling or atmosphere, admitted,” Mark, a fan from South Africa, posted on Facebook. “But the fact that it will be our NINETEENTH time as top-flight victors will be all that matters.” Which has meant 30 years of waiting plus one month … two months … ultimately, three months and five days. Under visionary manager Jurgen Klopp, Liverpool had compiled 82 points through the first 29 games of the 2019-20 Premier League season. Second-place Manchester City had 57 through 28 games. Any subsequent combination of LFC victories and City defeats adding up to two would deliver the title to Liverpool. But there were no games to be won or lost. Imagine being that near to a dream, and that far away.MORE: Everything to know about the Premier League’s return“As we know by virtue of all the ways we haven’t won it, you don’t win the league at the last moment. You win the league over a long period of time,” Neil Atkinson, a writer and podcast host at The Anfield Wrap, told Sporting News. “So we have those big moments, and those moments were ours as far as winning the league. But in terms of the league suddenly disappearing, you wouldn’t be human if you didn’t feel like, ‘Oh, God, what next? What is going to turn up to stop us now?’ It does feel like: You name it, it’s lined up to stop us.“People always react to things differently, but I think some people did find it a little bit of a blow.”It’s going to happen now. It’s just a matter of negotiating the exact day and time. The Premier League returns today from its extended hiatus with two games: Aston Villa vs. Sheffield United and Manchester City vs. Arsenal. If Man City loses that game, Liverpool’s first opportunity to claim the title could come Sunday at Goodison Park.Of all the ways in which Liverpool could clinch in this unprecedented season, the most fitting might be if the Reds defeat Everton and Man City handles Arsenal but then, somehow, finds a way to lose to Burnley on June 22. This would make Liverpool champions of England as they watch on television.The most likely scenario, though, has Liverpool securing the title at Anfield on Wednesday, June 24 against Crystal Palace. Ordinarily, Atkinson would be in his seat around row 30 of the Dalglish stand, near the halfway line for that monumental occasion. Now, he will be watching from his home when Liverpool’s players assemble on the field and captain Jordan Henderson raises the Premier League trophy in a shower of confetti and cheers from his teammates, alone.“I think it’s going to be, obviously, odd,” Atkinson told SN. “The pubs are unlikely to be open. If they are open, it will be outdoor space, and they’ll be very, very strict on numbers. I think that there won’t be a parade until the football team is ready for there to be one, and that will be going into next year. The manager said, ‘There will be a parade, but when we’re good and ready, we’ll decide.’ I think that’s great, that’s a great attitude to have. There will be a party, but we’ll just have to wait for it, to an extent.”When Liverpool visited the United States for preseason games last July, after a short offseason that followed their sixth UEFA Champions League title, the obsession with winning the Premier League almost was tangible. “We want to keep making history for this football club and this team, and I’m very confident we can do that,” Henderson said during a stop at Notre Dame.MORE: Klopp: Liverpool can’t match Man United’s dominanceLiverpool owned a glorious history when the Premier League was launched as more or less a rebranding of England’s First Division in 1992-93, with 18 titles in their history and 11 in the previous 20 years, the most recent in 1990. But they’ve not won the league since. They finished second four times, three times under the Premier League banner.They wound up seven points behind Arsenal in 2001-02 and four off Manchester United’s pace in 2008-09. The most painful was in 2013-14, when a rousing victory over Man City in early April put the Reds in command of the title race with four games remaining. In a home game against Chelsea, though, Steven Gerrard slipped in his own half and sent the ball rolling toward Demba Ba, who had no defender in front of him as he raced to slide a shot past LFC goalkeeper Simone Mignolet. Chelsea parked a bus full of players in front of its goal, and Liverpool could not rescue the draw it needed to remain on pace to win the Premier League.Last year’s runner-up finish was nearly as painful, but the Reds performed so spectacularly the ache seemed less severe. The Reds did pretty much everything they could to win it. They lost only one game and accumulated 97 points, the third-highest total in the history of the league, but still they finished second to Manchester City’s 98. The Champions League victory superseded that disappointment, but it was right back on everyone’s agenda when the 2019-20 season began.The team’s fixation on ending the title drought was obvious as Liverpool tied a record with 18 consecutive victories and went 27 games without a defeat. Man City performed well but kept dropping points with draws, allowing the LFC lead to burgeon until the season shut down in March.There at least is some relief the title will happen. There was a moment during the quarantine when many Liverpool fans worried about whether forces beyond their control might conspire to erase everything that occurred in the 2019-20 season: the 27-1-1 record, the performance on course to set an all-time record for accumulated points, the league-best total of 21 goals allowed.It always was a preposterous conceit, that a team that had earned a 25-point advantage over its closest competition would not eventually be crowned as champion, but there were those pushing with whatever political and psychic power they could muster to have the season declared “null and void.” It happened in the Netherlands, where the Eredivisie shut down operations for the 2019-20 season because of the pandemic and chose not to award a championship. That meant it wasn’t impossible.There were fans of Liverpool’s rivals, who’ve longed delighted in the Reds’ dearth of Premier League titles, agitating for that outcome: Manchester United and Everton in particular. But also there were the teams presently occupying the final three positions in the standings: Norwich City, Aston Villa, Bournemouth. If the season were wiped out, they would not be relegated. That’s what prompted the legitimate concern.“There were a lot of people who were trying to cry it in,” Atkinson said. “What that did was, that blocked the idea of having a proper discussion about what should happen next. I’ve got to be careful with this, because whether we like it or not, The Anfield Wrap is part of the media. But I think that in the United Kingdom, we have a media culture that fixates on the simple and does so repeatedly if it generates engagement, which it can do through people just taking extreme positions.”Playwright Nicky Allt had a lot of success with the comedy “One Night in Istanbul”, which was built around Liverpool’s miraculous 2005 victory in the Champions League and later turned into a feature film. He says the long wait for this league title will make anything won by Klopp after this “bonus trophies” because “he’s brought us back to greatness” with the 2019 Champions League win and, soon, the Premier League title.“I can remember exactly where I was when we won it in 1990,” Allt told Sporting News. “I stood drinking in the Salisbury Pub on Walton Breck Road and a mate said to me: ‘I’m emigrating to Australia now I’ve seen Liverpool win the lot!’ I haven’t seen him since that night. I sometimes thought he was the jinx, him moving away like that.“I’ll be back in the same pub, now called The 12th Man, and I’ll basically be singing a load of songs and drinking a load of ale until I’m drunk.”last_img read more

Countdown to the Brabazon Trophy

first_img Join our daily countdown to the Brabazon Trophy, supported by Your Golf Travel, and enjoy our series of facts.23rd June – 1 day to goThere can only be one winner. Who will it be? Join us at Notts. (Hollinwell) Golf Club to find out. The first ball will be struck at 7am by Nottinghamshire’s Henry Alls, a member at Radcliffe-on Trent.See you tomorrow! Spectators are welcome and admission is free.22nd June – 2 days to goTwo Brabazon champions went on to win Major titles. Sandy Lyle (1975/77) won the 1985 Open Championship and the 1988 Masters. Charl Schwartzel (2002) won the 2011 Masters.21st June – 3 days to goThe Brabazon Trophy has been reduced to 54 holes three times because of bad weather: 2009, 2008 and 1968.20th June – 4 days to goSir Michael Bonallack has won the Brabazon Trophy four times, one more than any other player. He was successful in 1964, 1968, 1969 (shared) and 1971.19th June- 5 days to goThis is the fifth time Notts. Golf Club has hosted the Brabazon. Other five-times hosts are:Royal Birkdale Golf ClubMoortown Golf ClubRoyal Liverpool Golf ClubHunstanton Golf Club18th June – 6 days to goIt’s six years since the Brabazon Trophy went out of England. Niall Kearney of Ireland won at Moortown in 2009.17th June – 7 days to goSeven players are double winners of the Brabazon Trophy:Ronnie White 1950 1951Charlie Stowe 1954 1953Doug Sewell 1957 1959Rodney Foster 1969 1970Sandy Lyle 1975 1977Gary Evans 1990 1991Neil Raymond 2011, 201216th June – 8 days to goEight clubs have hosted the Brabazon Trophy on just one occasion:Royal Lytham & St Annes Golf ClubNorthumberland Golf ClubWoburn Golf and Country ClubRoyal St George’s Golf ClubWest Lancashire Golf ClubThe Oxfordshire Golf ClubForest of Arden Hotel & Country ClubTrevose Golf & Country Club15th June – 9 days to goNine Brabazon champions have played in the Ryder Cup:Peter BakerGordon Brand JnrIgnacio GarridoPeter HansonSandy LyleRonan Rafferty,Paul Way14th June – 10 days to goTen champions have won the Brabazon Trophy more than once. They are:Four wins: Sir Michael BonallackThree: Philip Scrutton and Ronnie ShadeTwo: Ronnie White, Charlie Stowe, Doug Sewell, Rodney Foster, Sandy LyleGary Evans and Neil Raymond13th June – 11 days to goThere are 11 Yorkshire players in the Brabazon Trophy field:Ben Brewster of BawtryBen Hutchinson of Howley HallDan Brown of BedaleDan Wasteney of BondhayJamie Bower of MelthamJoe Dean of LindrickJonathan Thomson of LindrickMartin Brown of Pike HillsNathan Fell of LindrickNick Marsh of HuddersfieldWill Whiteoak of Shipley12th June 2015 – 12 days to goThe Brabazon Trophy field includes 12 members of the GB&I Walker Cup squad for the match against the USA at Royal Lytham & St Annes in September. The team will be announced in August and the selectors will be following the action closely.The squad players are:Tomasz Anderson of England (Brocket Hall)David Boote of Wales (Walton Heath)Daniel Brown of England (Bedale)Adam Chapman of England (Windermere)Ashley Chesters of England (Hawkstone Park)Paul Dunne of Ireland (Greystones)Jack Hume of Ireland (Naas)Gary Hurley of Ireland (West Waterford)Nick Marsh of England (Huddersfield)Gavin Moynihan of Ireland (The Island)Jimmy Mullen of England (Royal North Devon)Cormac Sharvin of Ireland (Ardglass)Click here for the championship webpage 12 Jun 2015 Countdown to the Brabazon Trophy last_img read more

Egypt’s Salah captures attention of Israel defence minister

first_imgThe Egyptian scored two goals and grabbed two assists Tuesday, but did not celebrate after scoring as a mark of respect for his former club.He has 43 goals in all competitions this season and was voted the best player in the Premier League by his fellow players.Despite the tongue-in-cheek demand from Lieberman, there appears no chance that Salah will turn out for an Israeli team.Although Egypt is one of only two Arab countries to have made peace with Israel, public opinion remains largely hostile to the country and supportive of the Palestinians.In 2013 Salah, then at FC Basel, was accused of changing his boots to avoid shaking hands with the players of the Israeli team Maccabi Tel Aviv before a preliminary round of Champions League.Before the start of the second leg, his choice of a “fist bump” rather than handshake hand also attracted attention.He was roundly booed and whistled by Maccabi fans during the game but still scored.Salah then explained that there was a lot of pressure on him before this match, but that he was not interested in politics at all.“The club told me if I don’t go I will be suspended and there will be lots of problems. So I went and thank god I scored,” he said in a 2014 interview. 0Shares0000(Visited 2 times, 1 visits today) 0Shares0000Liverpool’s Egyptian midfielder Mohamed Salah matched a Prenuer League record for a single season with 31 goals and also netted the award for African Player of the Year for 2017JERUSALEM, Israel, Apr 25 – Egyptian superstar Mohamed Salah’s devastating performance for Liverpool in the Champions League has brought him an unexpected fan — the Israeli defence minister.“I will be calling the chief of staff immediately to tell him to hire Mohamed Salah to the Israeli army,” Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman wrote on Twitter after Salah inspired Liverpool to a 5-2 victory over Roma in the first leg of the Champions League semi final.last_img read more

Ex-Magpie Barton warns ‘top level’ boss Benitez: Newcastle are in big trouble

first_imgJoey Barton has warned incoming Newcastle United boss Rafa Benitez of the dangers ahead in his new role.The former Real Madrid and Liverpool manager penned a three-year deal to replace Steve McClaren – who was relieved of his duties on Friday – at St. James’ Park.Spaniard Benitez, 55, takes over the Magpies 19th in the Premier League, one point from safety with a game in hand.He made an immediate impact on his first day as United boss, cancelling the players’ day off and calling them into training ahead of Monday’s clash against leaders Leicester City.Former Newcastle midfielder Barton, who helped them to promotion from the Championship in 2010, told Drivetime: “I am fond of Steve McClaren, having worked with him at Queens Park Rangers, and he called me into the England [set up].“He is a good coach and obviously the landscape at Newcastle is difficult at this moment in time. If they didn’t change manager it was certainly looking very difficult for them to get out of the relegation zone. They looked like a team slowly walking into the Championship.“This gives them a chance in my opinion, the opportunity to turn it around.“I don’t know what he can do really. He’ll get them more organised, he’s obviously a high-level coach with the teams he’s managed over the years. The biggest club was his last job [at Real Madrid], so this should be a cake walk in terms of publicity.“When I look through the team, you can’t stay in the Premier League if you can’t defend.“If you can’t keep the ball out of the net, it does not give you any foundation to build a performance. Newcastle at this moment in time just can’t do that.“Without wanting to dig any of them out, the players have to take responsibility. The coach can only do so much and it’s easy for everyone to blame Steve. He has to take the flack because that’s the nature of the job and it comes with it.”Reports surfaced suggesting Benitez agreed a cancellation clause in his three-year deal if the club are relegated in May. Barton emphasised how all his focus should be in the short-term, to ensure safety for the Tynesiders before reassessing the situation in the summer.The Burnley midfielder, 33, added: “The most important thing for that club now is to stay in the league.“I was part of the Newcastle side that did go down and we managed to bounce back [instantly]. I just don’t see this group having that. We had some real leaders in there, real men’s men. When I look in that current squad, they’ve got a lot of ability in there but I don’t see them having the capability to instantly bounce back.“It’s a cruel game, it owes you nothing. It cares nothing for what you did last week, cares nothing for what you did years ago, cares nothing for how many people come through the turnstiles. If you don’t perform on the pitch, if you don’t put it in week in, week out and commit 100% to what you are doing – as big football clubs have found out down the years – it’s difficult to stay in the top league and the game owes you nothing.          “[Benitez’s CV] is as good as anybody out there.“His last English job at Chelsea, he won the Europa League. There’s no doubt about it: he’s a top level manager. The difficulty is any manager needs time, it’s not a given that a manager comes in and they will pick up in form.“Hopefully for everyone involved at the football club it does happen but if people don’t start putting the required effort in, which is a given, they are in big trouble.”last_img read more