Chinese MH370 protesters blockade Malaysian embassy in Beijing

first_imgThe protesters were also angry about some family members receiving an abrupt text message telling them that “We have to assume beyond all reasonable doubt that MH370 has been lost and none of those on board survived.” However, any chance of finding much intact wreckage is less likely, with reports saying that supposed wreckage lies 300m below sea level, on top of underwater volcanoes.  The Chinese protestors hoped to get clear answers from Malaysia, following contradictory information about the plane’s whereabouts, the Malaysian government texting rather than talking to relatives of MH370 passengers and conspiracy theories surrounding the plane’s disappearance, the Guardian reported. Steve Wang, a relative of a family member on the plane, said that the Malaysian ambassador to China had agreed to appear before protesters but never did. Some Chinese family members have also said that they cannot accept the conclusion that there were no survivors from the flight until they see the plane wreckage. Source = ETB News: Tom Neale Chinese protestors angry about the Malaysian government’s handling of the MH370 mystery have blockaded its embassy in Beijing.last_img read more