The hard past of Erling Haaland’s father

first_imgErling Haaland is one of the fashion strikers in European football. His extraordinary performance in the current edition of the Champions League with the RB Salzburg made many of the great European powers look at him. But it was Borussia Dortmund, last January, who would end up precipitating his signing and betting on who, they say, is one of the cracks of the future. His present is already beginning to be relevant and his spectacular figures have already made him one of the great football explosions of the sports course. In Manchester, being a player of the Sky Blue team, he would live in his own flesh one of the most famous plays in the history of the Premier League. Haaland’s father was a victim of Roy Keane’s historic entry during a Manchester derby played in April 2001. The medical reports, years later, came to specify that it could be one of the most serious injuries that have been seen and lived during an English League match in its history. “I’m just glad my leg was off, otherwise it would have hurt me a lot”, Haaland said later in an interview. The same one in which he emphatically assured that afternoon would begin his retirement as a professional footballer, since he could never recover and recover the competitive level.Roy Keane came to assure in his biography that he was aware of what he did and that it was the answer to some statements from Haaland long ago. That hard premeditated entry reopened the case on different fronts. On the one hand, the FA decided to study the case again, while Haaland decided to take legal action, since that confession and that entrance that separated him from football had major, personal consequences, which deprived him of continuing to play football.Another curious fact, now that Erling Haaland is one of the fashion players in Europe, has to do with his roots. It is common to relate the striker with Norway, since he is international with the Nordic team from lower categories (from the Sub15 team to the Absolute), but he was born in England, in Leeds, when his father was a member of the Elland Road ranks, in the stage prior to his signing for Manchester City. That is, Haaland was born in England, and not in Norway, as everything seemed to indicate so far. Obviously, everything is written and official at the sports level, since he has played with all possible categories of Norway, but the striker who has a crush on the world of football for his stratospheric goalscorers is really English, and not Norwegian.Currently, Erling Haaland triumphs in the world of football thanks to its spectacular scoring figures, accentuated in the ranks of Borussia Dortmund since his signing, but in the past his father already starred in his sports career in England, in costumes of the relevance of Manchester City (before the arrival of Arab investments from Qatar), where he would star in one of the wildest actions that are remembered and where, at the same time, young Erling would be born. His sports performance is incontestable. He rose to fame for his 8 goals in 6 days of the European Cup in recent monthsbut before I had already talked to his 9 goals in the same match, in Norway’s victory over Honduras 12-0 in the U20 World Cup. Soon his name would begin to sound for the great powers of continental football and his future seemed to be far from Salzburg. After weeks of information, of comings and goings, of headlines loaded with rumorology, including of supposed trips to negotiate, Dortmund would officially announce the agreement for the forward to pack towards the imposing Signal Iduna Park.But there continues to grow its media figure. Haaland already has 8 goals in just 4 official matches wearing the Borussen shirt and its statistics already offer the spectacular 1 goal scoring average every 22 minutes. His last name is already on everyone’s lips. A young star is born that grows like foam every passing week. But, he was not the first member of the Haaland family who dedicated himself professionally to football.center_img His father, Alf-Inge Haaland, had a meritorious sports career between the 90s and 2000s. He would debut in the humble Norwegian Bryne, but he soon made the leap to England, when the Nottingham Forest would need his services and end up catching a plane that would take him to the important English Premier League. Then he would play in the ranks of the Leeds and then, later, in Manchester City, where he would live one of the most important stages of his life. In every sense.last_img read more